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Remodeling of a
Prefabricated walls and are frequently known as
prefab walls. Prefabricated walls are made of
corrugated steel or aluminum sheets. Prefab
walls are made of sandwich construction:
outside corrugated sheets, an inside liner of flat
or corrugated sheet, and an enclosed insulation
are fastened together by screws to form a thin,
effective sandwich wall. These have tongue-and-
groove vertical edges to permit sealed joints
when the units are erected at the building site by
being fastened to framing girts.
Humidity of the wood: 9%2%
Parquet floor: thickness: 22 mm width: 60/70 mm length:
240-500 mm
Plank floor: thickness: 20/22 mm width: 100-190 mm length:
900-2000 mm
Dimension tolerance: 0,2 mm
Quality of the parquet flooring

General rules
Due to unavoidable differences during sorting up to 2% of
wooden flooring of lower quality is acceptable. The quality is
estimated according to the defects that occur on the right
side. The core is acceptable on the left side. Advanced decay
is not acceptable. and humidity
Ridged roof consists of declined rafters that rest on
vertical wall-plates on top of each wall. The top ends of
the rafters meet at the horizontal ridge plate or ridge
beam. Horizontal purlins are fixed to the rafters to
support the roof covering. Heavier under purlin are used
to support longer rafter spans. Tie beams or ceiling
joists, are connected between the lower ends of opposite
rafters to prevent them from spreading and forcing the
walls apart. Collar beams or collar ties may be fixed
higher up between opposite rafters for extra strength.

The rafters would be at 600mm centers the roof battens
would be at 300mm centers and the ceiling joists would
be at 400mm centers.
Doors and windows
Steel-faced doors have an insulating core that
minimises heat loss. The anodized aluminium frame
also incorporates draughtproof weather seals.
Draught and condensation problems are minimised
by effective weather seals and the low thermal
conductivity of the window frame and glazing
materials. Windows in critical locations are glazed
with toughened safety glass as standard with a
variety of other glazing available as an option.
Ultima buildings offer protection against theft and
vandalism, with a wide range of security options.

Architectural: Plan (bestek)
Working plans 1:50
Details 1:20, 1:10, 1:5, 1:2
Civil: Plan and main
Beams, columns and
Details 1:10, 1:5
If, on a drawing, only one scale is used, this scale shall be recorded in the title
block. In the case of two scales, both shall be recorded in the little block and the
main scale shall be shown once on the drawing.
When more than two scales are used, the scales shall be recorded under the
subtitles on the drawing. As noted shall be recorded in the title block.