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Success Story of

Assimilation Programs
in Merauke Prison,
special reference to Community

By : Dina Juliani
Prison Profile
• Located in South Papua
• Head of Prison : Mr. Lilik Sujandi
• Inhabitant : 306 people
- 201 inmates;
193 men & 8 women.
- 105 detainees
• Inmates Crimes:
- 23 % cause of violence and
maltreatment crimes
- 30 % cause of rape crimes
- 37 % cause of homicide crimes
- 4 % cause of Corruption
- 6 % cause of Narcotics Crimes
The various moves made by Mr. Lilik Sujandi, Head of
Merauke Prison in to provide guidance to the inmates.
In addition to managing the existing land in the prison
environment for planting various kinds of vegetables,
also prepared to manage agricultural land outside the
prison, it’s done by 20 inmates committed
assimilation status.
Other activities conducted by making dustbin, Prison
Gardening, Clean the City, Furniture, and Carving,
making broom stick, carved mats, painting, silk
screening and electronic services.
To further motivate the people in prisons
to do something positive, Merauke
Prison also have a football club and
group band. Soccer and the band was
founded as a forum coaching talents and
abilities. In addition, there are practice of
modern and traditional dance in order to
develop local cultural arts and modern.
Although newly formed, Football
Association (PS) Merauke Prison have
been able to show its presence at the
Open Youth Football (KNPI) held in Maro
Field-Merauke. Although they failure
through the semifinals, but the
participation of PS Merauke Prison prove
that they have the talent and ability,
because the inmates only do exercise in
a small field in the prison environment.
According Mr. Lilik Sujandi, when PS
Merauke Prison played, many parties
worried the inmates will be escape,
because they never were mixed with the
community. But the worries were not
evident, although the officer who
escorted not too much. Even while
playing, many families of prisoners
came to support.

The other activities made by Head of

Prison are use for coaching inmate
talents and abilities, as well as to relieve
boredom and stress experienced of
inmates in the prison. The lack of
training programs make inmates quickly
saturated and the stress that is in their
minds all the time how to escape.
Many activities done with
prisoners, making the
prisoners do not think or do
other things at night. Even after
sunset, and dinner, all the inmates
back into their room, due to fatigue
and fast straight to sleep.

Head of Prison admitted in empowering prisoners, he

has work programs to develop the potential acceleration
of prisoners with the support of an integrated and
sustainable community is expected. 'Because of the real
program like this will provide supplies to the prisoners'
skills, can foster mental readiness and skills of the
inmates to return to the society, one day, and reduce
inmates boredom and anxiety.”
1. Parade And Craft Fair on
Merauke Anniversary, February 2009
2. Renovate the Cathedral Church
3. Worship in Cathedral Church
with the Community
Cooperate with Ministry of Youth and Sport, Local
Official of Youth and Sport, Boxing Agencies, etc.
6.Vocational Training & Workshop, cooperated
with Ministry of Manpower&Transmigration
Vocational Training & Workshop
Vocational Training & Workshop
7. Painting In Prison Wall
8. Open Forum for Community in Local
Radio, every once a month
9. Farming and Harvest,
Cooperated with Local Government
Farming and Harvest
Farming and Harvest
10. Cow Farm cooperated with
Local Official of Animal Husbandry