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Measurement & Analysis -

Performing Project
Measurement using Sonar
Diaz -Bilotto, Nicolás
Morales , Mauricio

• Brief Introduction to Mesaurement and Analysis

• Information needs
• Measurement infromation model
• Measurement construct
• Performing Measuerement
• Sonar :
o Concept & Architecture
o Using Sonar in our process
o Results
• Bibliography
Brief Introduction to Mesaurement and
• Measurement & Analysis (M&A) process area develops and
sustain measurement capabilities that suports management
information needs [1]
• Top-performing organizations has a cultural bias towards informed
decision making [2]
• Decision making is more effective when accurate and actual
information is available
• Actually, information-need driven measurement process are better
suited for software-intensive projects
Information needs

• Information needs are the key foundation in M&A process area

• They are related directly to established objectives inside the
• Information needs are defined using PSM Measurement Information
Model; It provides a formal mechanism for linking information needs
to software processes and products that can be measured [1].
• Information needs helps Measurement Analysts in a correct
identification of Measurement Concepts, and these Measurements
Concepts assists the creation of Measurement Constructs.
• Our information need is : "Evaluate programming labour quality."
Measurement Information Model.
Measurement Construct

• Indicator : Total Quality (TQ).

• Measurement concept : Product Quality.
• Relevant Entities :
o Source code from every U3d branch and trunk.
• Measure Method :
o Obtain the last revision from SVN.
o Measure TQ using Sonar.
• Type of Method :Objective.
• Scale : Value in [ 0.0 ... 1.0 ]
• Type of Scale : Ratio.
• Unit of measurement : Dimensionless Quantity.
• Decision Criteria : TQ >= 75%
• Analysis Model :
o Compute the weighted sum of ...
Measurement Construct (Cont.)

• Base measurements
o Chidamber and Kemerer
Java Metrics (design)
 DIT : Depth of Inheritance
o JDepend Metrics
 CA : Afferent Couplings
• Derived measurements
o DRYness : inverse of
Duplicated lines density.
o COVERAGE : code
coverage, from sonar.
• Indicator : Total Quality.

• Sonar is a system that

performs automated
measurement for maven-
based projects.
• "Sonar enables to you to
collect, analyze and report
metrics on source code."
• It's hosted for Codehaus
• It's open source.
• Provides a simple interface
to measurement results.
Sonar : Concept & Architecture

• Sonar architectrue is based

in these components
o A set of maven plugins.
o A Webserver.
• The plugins are provided
using a custom maven
repository hosted in the
• The webserver provides
graphical interface for
human access and simple
RESTful web API.
Using Sonar in our process

• Sonar helps performing

tedious and repetitive
tasks in "Perform
Measurement" process.
• "Collect data" and
"Analyze data" tasks are
practically performed using
these tool
• Supervision and control is
needed, sonar is a tool.
Results : TQ indicator - Saturday 3

Branch Result

trunk 68.2 %

calamares Compilation error

hipocampo 66.1%

tiburones 66.2%

delfines 68.2%

1. Practical Software Measurement: Objective Information for

Decision Makers (9780201715163): John McGarry, David
Card, Cheryl Jones, Beth Layman,Elizabeth Clark,Joseph
Dean, Fred Hall.
2. CMMI product team, CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV),
Version 1.2
3. Sonar homepage (