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Literary Awards
The Jerusalem Prize
Best full-
length novel
written in
English by a
woman of

The Orange Prize for Fiction

The IMPAC Dublin Literary Award
The Costa Lit award
for authors in the
Literary Review’s
award for “Bad Sex in
Books in Canada award or the award for best first
Hugo Award for Science
Franz Kafka Prize
Pulitzer Prize
Sahitya Akademi
Man Group
PEN/O’ Henry Award for Short Stories
Agatha award for Crime Fiction of no sex/violence, amateur
detective fiction
Hutch/Vodafone Crossword Award
Nobel Prize for Literature
Pile on the ____ _____ _____
To gratify your greed;
Go, clear away the "niggers"
Who progress would impede;
Be very stern, for truly
'Tis useless to be mild
With new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child.

A parody of a more well

known poem. Fill in the
The Brown Man’s Burden after The White Man’s Burden by
Rudyard Kipling
Rajaji, the second Governor-General of independent India, played a
significant role, in her initiation into politics.
Soon after joining Swatantra Party, she wrote to Rajaji informing him
of her decision and received a reply thanking her and telling her that
she was a brave lady. Rajaji ,later wrote an article in the party
newspaper, which he edited, comparing her with the Rani of Jhansi.
Who are we talking about?
Maharani Gayatri devi
The photograph was made by the
preeminent New York studio
photographer Napoleon Sarony. “A
picturesque subject indeed!” Sarony
cried when Wilde showed up at his
studio. He posed for no fewer than 27
pictures: in a fur-lined overcoat, in
evening dress, and most significantly, in
a velvet jacket with ribbon piping. Ehrich
Bros, a New York department store, used
this picture to promote a line of hats.
This angered Sarony and he sued the
Ehrich bros for having produced more
than 85000 copies.
• the Constitution permits Congress to
protect authors’ writings, and photographs
are neither writings nor the work of
authors; instead, they are mere
reproductions of nature, created by the
operator of a machine
Bayuex tapestry depicting?
Halley’s comet
Through the latter part of the 19th century and well into the
20th century, the ____ _ ____ trade expanded greatly to satisfy
the needs of the growing industrial population of Great Britain.
The development of the steam trawler brought it in from all
over the North Atlantic, Iceland and Greenland and the steam
railways allowed easy and fast distribution around the country.
THE typical retail ____ _ ____ is run by its owners, usually
husband and wife and with part-time help, represents a
continuing tradition which goes back in Great Britain to the
early days of the 19th century.
Fish and chips
Put funda
Sarkozy recounting on his Facebook page
about how he rushed to Berlin on the
morning of November 9th and was able to
chip away at the Wall with a pickaxe later
that evening.
Lord Louis Mountbatten was Chief of Combined Operations, who
encouraged scientists to produce ideas however fantastic during
second world war.
Habbakuk was the idea of a scientist called Geoffrey Pyke. His idea
was that because ______was unsinkable, the ships would be
insulated and impervious to bomb and torpedo attacks. The idea
was taken up by Mountbatten and in December 1942, Churchill was
convinced that the idea was worth pursuing. One problem had to be
overcome. _____ split too easily and Pyke suggested the addition of
some kind of building material could solve the problem. In 1943, two
American scientists made a compound out of paper pulp and sea
water which was almost as strong as concrete. This substance was
named “Pykecrete”, after Pyke. What was the material considered?
What is special about
this cover?
Drawn using iPhone
A legend has it that the goddess Ganga’s
descent from the heavens would have split
the earth had lord Shiva not tamed it by
tying it into his ash smeared locks. They say
this region is a heavenly braid. A further
twist to the tale is in the river’s final stages.
There is a point where the braid comes
undone, Shiva’s matted hair is washed
apart into a vast knotted tangle. What
First as the foster daughter of Brahma, she was known
as Lopamudra, later she became the wife of Agasthya.
Agasthya confines her in a pot, and betrays her, to go
bathe in the downstream Kanaké. The furious Cauvery
spills out of the pot, and flows away as a raging, rushing
river, cascading and looping across the countryside
of______, pursued by the chastened Agasthya. They
also say that, at the village of Balamuri, where she
swerved right to avoid Agasthya, who tried to obstruct
her, she washed over the ______women, waiting to stop
her flight from their land. This they say made the women
unique in a way. How?
The pleats of their sarees worn by Coorgi
women were swept from front to back and it is
worn like that to this day.
Id x and y
Much of the writing about the film of ________ __
_________acknowledges that when Hollywood bought the
rights to the story, he wanted X to play Y. Most accounts treat
this as yet another of his many idiosyncrasies, X whom he
knew well, was raised in Texas, and her parallels with his Y do
not end there. She was a depression-era orphan who was
both exploited and saved by older men. She is befriended by
an extremely short, powerful Hollywood agent who recognises
her potential and helps her reinvent herself, renaming her and
providing her with access to education and a more
sophisticated veneer. He also wrote of his own alter ego, the
unnamed narrator of _______’s, was never able to shed his
sense of belonging on the margins
• X- Marilyn Monroe
• Y- Holly Golightly
Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Put blank
When_______ , the British Raj's foreign minister
in India, took a red pencil to a map of the
fragmenting empires run by ________and Delhi
in 1914, it is doubtful he would have envisaged
the events that would haunt the region decades
later. After the British left India and the
Communist takeover of China, the _______
______became a de facto boundary. Then
China swallowed Tibet in 1950, leaving Delhi
and Beijing to claim swaths of each other's
territory along the Himalayan border. The result
was war in 1962
McMahon line
Stage 2
• A great flood ravaged the domain of Hyderabad in 1908
three years prior to the ascent of the _______throne,
one of his first assignments was to invite ________to
advise him on how a similar flood could be controlled
and excess water be put to good use. In accordance with
his suggestion, the embankment of the Musi River and
construction of the Himayat Sagar Dam and osman
sagar dam at Gandipet were undertaken. If the old city
suffered minimum damage in the recent flood two years
ago the credit goes to the _______for his foresight and
commitment to the welfare of his people. ID both
Until 1977 no women were elected to______
_____, because the will as interpreted by the
_______Trust Acts of Parliament confined the
awards to 'male students‘. After much lobbying ,
Secretary of State for Education made an order
in 1976 declaring _______Scholarships to be
tenable by women, and nullifying the effect of
the words 'manly' and 'manhood' in the will. Also
during world war 2 German nationals were not
considered for _______ _____
_______ _______followed Fa Hein nearly after a gap of
two centuries. The object of his travel was to visit the
holy land of his religion. He observes the ascendancy of
Brahmanism thanks to the impetus given by the Guptas
who ruled then. after his extensive touring of India
visiting places like Kashmir valley, visited________, and
reached Mathura, where he saw the sacred traces of
Lord Buddha at Kashi. He went to Kapilavastu,
Kushinagar, Pataliputra, Vaishali, Mahabodhi. He
returned by the same route to China.
Born into a poor family in _______, in what is now the Ardennes
département, Robert de ______ entered the Church and was educated in
Reims and Paris. He was noted for his piety and attracted the patronage
of the Comte d'Artois and King Louis IX of France, later known as Saint
Louis. He became the canon of Cambrai around 1251 before being
appointed canon of Paris and the king's confessor in 1258.
______ began to teach around 1253 and in 1257 established the Maison
de ________, a college in Paris originally intended to teach theology to
twenty poor students. It was sponsored by King Louis and received the
endorsement of Pope Alexander IV in 1259. It subsequently grew into a
major centre of learning and became the core of what would become the
larger institution we know today.
“_____is his dhrubatara (guiding star) and _______is the
place where he comes to seek peace." He visits her
every winter, towards the end of December when
________conducts its convocation and when the Paus
Mela is held. During his visits, he does the rounds of the
ashram on his bicycle, stops by for a round of adda (chat
session) at Kalor Dokan, a tea-cum-sweetmeat stall at
Ratan Palli, and frequents the Subarnarekha bookshop.
Indranath Mazumdar, owner of Subarnarekha, said that
during his visits to _______,______always looked up his
old friends who still live there. "Clad in kurta-pyjama, he
would stand in the queue to buy a railway ticket from
_______ to Calcutta, and no one would guess that he is
a Professor”
For Kannada _________gave Shri Ramayana Darshanam.
As with other poets of his stature, ________as he is
known, greatly handles the sublime material.
Divided into four books (Ayodhya, Kishkinda, Lanka and
Shree), the epic concludes with Rama's coronation
described in terms of the glory and grandeur of Mother
Nature. The epic opens with ______obeisance to world
poets including Firdausi and Sri Aurobindo and
concludes with the assurance that the rasa-laden poesy
of the Ramayana is greater than Rama's incarnation
The Last Nizam- Osmania
• Annavaru- translates to big brother
• Anna Univ
• Banaras - BHU
• Rhodes scholar ship – oxford
• Hiuen tsang- Nalanda
Sorbonne – University of Paris
• Amartya sen- Tagore- Visva bharathi
• Kuvempu
Gilbert's elaborate masterwork ___ _____ __ _____ ______was
exhibited to much acclaim in 1850 at London's British Institution.
The crowded tableau is arranged as if on a stage, a format
adopted from Raphael's School of Athens (Vatican), with the main
characters from the tragedies in the foreground, historical figures
in the middle, and magical and supernatural beings in the upper
The Plays of William Shakespeare
Indian Summers
Ram Jethmalani defended
Manu Sharma, Ketan Parekh,
Harshad Mehta and Satwant
and Kehar Singh in court.
___ _____ was founded by Hubert Beuve-Méry at the request
of General Charles de Gaulle after the German army was
driven from Paris during World War II—took over the format
of Le Temps, whose reputation had suffered during the
Occupation. Beuve-Méry reportedly demanded total
independence as the condition for his taking on the project.
Its first edition appeared on December 19, 1944. __ _____
has been available on the Internet since December 19, 1995.
X was a British tobacco importer and cigarette
manufacturer formed in Bristol, England in the late 18th
century. Their first product was the "Bristol". "Three
Castles" and "Gold Flake" were other major products. In
1901, the Imperial Tobacco Company was formed from a
merger of X and seven other minor British tobacco
companies. Imperial remains one of the world's largest
tobacco companies. In India the Gold Flake range of
cigarettes (my brand, and that's why i've actually noticed
it) manifactured by ITC (formerly Imperial Tobacco
company India) still prints X on the cigarettes to honor one
of the biggest players in tobacco history. X?

She was born and brought up in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and is

currently married to Chetan Anand. She began to play at the age of
10 under Mr. S. M. Arif.

He was born at Ramanattukara, in the Calicut district to

Karunakaran and Lalitha. He completed his graduation from
Farook College, Calicut. He started his career by representing
Calicut University at All India University Championships.
V Diju and Jwala Gutta. First Indian pair to win a Grand Prix Gold
in Badminton
This story is told by Sister, whose grandfather, Papa-
Daddy, has gotten her a job as “postmistress” of the
“smallest post office in Mississippi”. Sister is living
peaceably with her family when her younger sister, Stella-
Rondo, returns home from an apparently failed
marriage/elopement with a two-year-old daughter, Shirley
T. No sooner does she move in then Stella-Rondo is back
to her old tricks as the family favorite. No matter how tall
Stella-Rondo's tales are, the family believes her, and Sister
remains the family scapegoat. Finally, to protest her
dispossession, Sister rebels by moving away from home--
to the local post office.

This is the synopsis of a story titled “Why I Live at The

P.O” by Pulitzer prize winner X, also the author of “Death
of a Traveling Salesman” and “The Optimist’s Daughter”.
This story inspired Steve Dorner, a software engineer to
name his creation X, a popular tool in the mid-late nineties.
Eudora Welty
“______ ____ ____ ______" is a song composed by Vivian Stanshall
and Neil Innes and performed by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. It
was included on their 1967 album.
Henry X was born in Chorley, Lancashire, the son of a clergyman.
When he was 13, he became a grocer's apprentice in Liverpool. After
a seven-year apprenticeship, he was able to set up his own shop. In
1872, he purchased the patent from German Eugen Langen on a
method of making sugar cubes, and in the same year built a new
refinery in Liverpool. X made many donations, often anonymously,
and always discreetly. They included £42,500 for Liverpool
University, £3500 for Bedford College for Women, and £5000 for
building a free library in Streatham; additional provisions were made
for libraries in Balham, South Lambeth, and Brixton. His most famous
donation of course is to X.
Tanstaafl is central to Robert
Heinlein's 1966 libertarian
science fiction novel The
Moon is a Harsh Mistress,
which popularized it. The
free-market economist
Milton Friedman also
popularized the phrase by
using it as the title of a 1975
book, and it often appears in
economics textbooks;
Campbell McConnell writes
that the idea is "at the core
of economics".
There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
Long Audio Connect
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Debonair by Dope
Mumbai se aaya mera dost
-Bappi Lahiri
Soldier of Fortune- Deep Purple
Riding to Vanity Fair by
Paul McCartney
Vogue by Madonna
Time- Pink Floyd