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TransIT 2009
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A painting of William Crabtree depicting the first observation of X

Transit of Venus. Duh!

Petrichor refers to “the blood that flows in the veins of gods”
in Greek mythology.
The term was used in 1964 by two Australian researchers,
Bear and Thomas, for an article in the journal Nature.
What do we know it as?

Petrichor = Smell of the Rain on dry earth Petri= Stone Ichor=Blood of the gods .

In the past. emerging from online roots. More recently. was a freelance writer for gay publications and worked as a receptionist for NYC gay events club Urban Outings. also notorious Miss USA contestant. What do we know Mario Armando Lavandeira better as? . he posed a controversial question to a.Mario Armando Lavandeira is a notorious American media personality. now. Popstar Fergie has written a song called “Pedestal” in which she criticizes him. he briefly worked as a media relations assistant for LGBT rights organization GLAAD.

Perez Hilton .

Another story has it that the Portuguese referred to it as ____ pronounced with a nasal twang. And much of that has to do with its name. The craziest story about the origin of the word _____ is that it was so named because it was kneaded using the feet — and not the hands — to speed up the work and keep pace with the demand! . Some say it is called _____because you always got it in sets of four units( ____ in the local language means one-fourth).There are several legends about the origin of the humble ____.

Pav .

What currency? What does it depict? .

Yen. Japanese Cherry Blossoms .

ID X or Y X is a science fiction role-playing shooter game that was developed by Gearbox Software for Microsoft Windows. Y is an American rock band from Bowling Green. Kentucky where they were originally known as "Perfect Confusion." . Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It was first revealed in the September 2007 issue of Game Informer magazine and released on 23rd October 2009.

Cage the Elephant .

The capital of _______ is ________ City. and his daughter ________ Mignonette Grimaldi X Renaldo. It is said that after Rosagunde strangled her oppressor. a real principality in Europe. she was given the principality of ________ as a reward for her bravery. _______ was ruled by Prince Artur Cristoff Phillipe Grimaldi Renaldo until his death. Clarisse. . in northern Italy. it is a small kingdom that lies between France and Spain and resembles Andorra. Alboin did actually make Rosagunde drink wine from her dead father's decaying skull. however. which lies between Southern France and Western Italy. She was the daughter of King Cunimund of the Gepids. by his wife Rosagunde. In the films. The royal family also consists of the dowager princess. _______ is a relatively small principality. It is also located by Monaco. the ruler is now his mother. the Lombard king.** This story is apparently based on the murder of Alboin. who were at that time living in the area of Belgrade.

Genovia .

** Connect: .

Cyclone Phyan Phyan means “Cherry fallen from a tree” in Burmese .

** A few weeks ago. Funda? . this image created a wide buzz.

no? .Real Starred question.

ID .

David Shepherd RIP .



What and Who? .

Bharat Ratna Nelson Mandela .



London to Paris The Direct-Orient Express The Van Golu (Lake Van) Express The Tehran Express The Night Mail to Meshed The Khyber Pass Local The chapters of which The Khyber Mail to Lahore Junction The Frontier Mail book? The Kalka Mail for Simla The Rajdhani ('Capital') Express to Mumbai The Delhi Mail from Jaipur The Grand Trunk Express The Local to Rameswaram The Talaimannar Mail The 16:25 from Galle The Howrah Mail The Mandalay Express The Local to Maymyo The Lashio Mail The Night Express from Nong Khai The International Express to Butterworth The Golden Arrow to Kuala Lumpur The North Star Night Express to Singapore The Saigon-Bien Hoa Passenger Train The Hue-Da Nang Passenger Train The Hatsukari ('Early Bird') Limited Express to Aomori The Ozora ('Big Sky') Limited Express to Kyoto The Kodama ('Echo') to Osaka The Trans-Siberian Railway .The 15:30 .


This statue is the source of the name of an annual festival held in it’s erstwhile location somewhere in India. What? .

The statue of King Edward VIII was originally installed outside Elphinstone college. . The area came to be known as Kala Ghoda where the annual arts and literature festival is now held.

It is said to have been given as a dowry to the younger daughter of Rukmangada.X was called Kadur district till 1947. The district takes its name from the headquarters town of Y. . the legendary chief of Sakrepatna. Another part of the town bestowed on the elder daughter is known as Y.

Chikmaglur (younger daughter’s town) Hiremaglur (elder daughter’s town) .

Indian exporters of ______ saw their products allowed into the US. . which was keen to see Harley-Davidson enter India. In return. The Indian government’s decision to allow Harley in was ostensibly made to please the US government. The Harley landed on Indian shores eighteen years ago thanks to some give-and-take between the USA and Indian government.

Mango .

that are a combination of broad humor. . the character Muneeza’s nickname is ______ and hence the title of the novel. and earthy wit. ironic Spanish proverbs. and provides comments throughout the novel. known as _____ismos. ______ acts as squire to Don Quixote. In the 2008 English novel by first time novelist X._______ Panza is a fictional character in the novel Don Quixote written by Spanish author Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in 1602.


He won the Young Journalist of the Year' at the British Press Awards in 2003 . who believes that markets are "an essential tool to generate wealth" but must be matched by strong democratic governments and strong trade unions or they become "disastrous". Having attended Woodhouse College he graduated with a double first in Social and Political Sciences at King's College. Cambridge in 2001.X was born in Glasgow and raised in London. He describes himself as a "European social democrat".

Johann Hari .



. "anteater". Afrikaans for pig is varken. nocturnal mammal native to Africa. "earth hog" or "earth pig".The _______ is a medium-sized. burrowing. The name comes from the Afrikaans/Dutch for "earth pig" or "ground pig“. It is sometimes called "antbear". "Cape anteater" (after the Cape of Good Hope).

The Aardvark .

In 2005. more than any other metal band. They have won 4 grammis till date.This Swedish band from Gothenburg is considered to be the pioneer of the melodic death metal music genre (also: Gothenburg Metal) along with Dark Tranquility and At the Gates. they became the first ever metal band to win a Grammis award (Swedish equivalent of the Grammy Award). Which iconic band in the death metal scene is this? .


For eg ________ was named after Kummah a hilly tract in the north eastern corner of the Mediterranean sea. the ______ of Indian mythology are none other than the Assyrians . Give both the blanks . The immigrants gave settled in northern India and gave their new home names of their native land. Their rule in Babylon came to an end in 538 BC and the came to India by land and sea.According to some historians .

Asuras and Kumaon .

Video Dedic .

Dongri La .