It was a bright sunny day..Geetu went to call Pintu for a game of cricket.
She proudly showed him her new cap…Pintu wasn’t too happy.He had to stay home and
clean up..
While Geetu ran off,Pintu climbed up the loft to do some dusting…
Meanwhile,outside,Gattu’s granny gave him some work…to pluck some vegetables from
the nearby garden…His dog,Nathkhat ,was excited!
The weather was beautiful and Gattu very soon plucked all the vegetables soon!
Granny was happy!She told Gattu to pluck some potatoes also and off went Gattu!
Hey!What’s this?Gattu was curious so was Nathkhat…
It’s a deep pit!And Gattu was tempted to roast some potatoes!
They will
taste yum!
But Nathkhat had other plans…He began to dig up
the potatoes out of the pit and chew on the
other vegetables…!
Too late!All the potatoes went waste…Granny gently
smiled and told Gattu, ‘’I gave you a task,Gattu and you
could have had fun as you did it…Instead your
greed took over everything…and now you have nothing!’’

Sorry, granny, I
have learnt my
Well,it was a sort of a happy ending since Gattu learnt his lesson.As for fun,didn’t he
have plenty of that playing out in the sun !