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A discussion

 Wake up and Get up
 Take a shower and Get dressed
 Have breakfast and Brush my
 Come to college and Take classes
 Study
 Eat a snack and Drink water
 Go home and Do homework
 Watch TV or Read
 Work on projects
 Sleep

 Write the past
tense of these verbs

 If the verb is
regular, include in
parenthesis its
ED pronunciation.
 In pairs, mention the grammar for past.

Use of verbs in past
Use of auxiliary
Time expressions
 I wake up early
 I get up late
 I go to the bathroom
 I take a shower
 I get dressed
 I make breakfast
 I have breakfast
 I wash the dishes
 I brush my teeth
 I get ready
 I take the bus
 I come to class
 I woke up early
 I got up late
 I went to the bathroom
 I took a shower
 I got dressed
 I made breakfast
 I had breakfast
 I washed (t) the dishes
 I brushed (t) my teeth
 I got ready
 I took the bus
 I came to class

 What did you do on your last birthday?

 What did you and your friends do last time
you hanged out?

 What is the funniest thing that happened to
you in High School?
 In pairs, discuss the grammar for simple
present. Include

The difference with 3rd person singular
The two auxiliaries
Time expressions
 Wake up early
 Get up late
 Go to the bathroom
 Take a shower
 Get dressed
 Make breakfast
 Have breakfast
 Wash the dishes
 Brush my teeth
 Get ready
 Take the bus
 Come to class

 Yeah / No

I always…
I frequently…
Sometimes I…
Occasionally I…
I hardly ever…
I never…

 In the morning
Before class
In class
After class

 Shut up people who are speaking loud in the
 Smoke in non-smoking places?
 Check Google before asking a silly question?
 Park in places you shouldn’t park?
 Buy things you don’t really need?
 Forget things?
 Does your best friend?
Or your brother or sister?

 Discuss the different forms of future.

Will vs. Going to
Predictions or promises
More common use
 New movies (Thor II, The Conjuring)
 New TV series/seasons (Game of Thrones,
 Concerts (Sta. Lucia Serenade)
 Parties
 CAA courses and activity groups
 Turixes cycling
 Bici-Ruta
 Merida en Domingo

 What are you going to do?

Talk about your plans and mention different
options to have fun at home and out.
 Did you … yesterday?

 Do you always …?

 Are you going to … tonight or tomorrow?
 1) Continue studying your verbs.
Concentrate on differences between present,
past, and future
 2) Write a two paragraph story using present,
past, and future OR make a comic strip
including present, past, and future.
 3) You will read your story to the class. So
work on your pronunciation too.