Ombudsman is a central institution Romanian state. Is equivalent to
the European Ombudsman institution, institution of origin Swedish
(1766). In other countries it is known under other names, such as
Parliamentary Commissioner, defender of the people, public defender,
public media, parliamentary prosecutor.In the Constitution, the
Ombudsman is regulated in the head. IV of Title I.
Role of Ombudsman
The purpose of the Ombudsman is to protect the rights and freedoms in
general, in relation to public authorities and in particular the executive.
Ombudsman could become a powerful antidote against bureaucracy.
Organizing institution
 The Ombudsman is assisted by his
deputies, who specialize in fields: 1.
Human rights equality between men and
women, religious cults and national
minorities 2. Children's rights, family,
youth, pensioners, disabled 3. Field army,
justice, police, prisons 4. Field property,
labor, social security, taxes and fees
Ombudsman exercises his duties at the
request of interested persons and office.

 Because its work is effective, the
Constitution requires public authorities to
ensure their support.
 Powers of the Ombudsman:
1. resolves complaints in February. work
on constitutional litigation: formulating
views, objections and exceptions of
unconstitutionality of laws and ordinances
3. may refer to the administrative court in
April. promoting the interest of law appeal
to the High Court of Cassation and Justice
 both Houses of Parliament present
reports, reports may contain
recommendations for amendments to
legislation or other measures to protect the
rights and freedoms of citizens, 6. reports
to the Presidents of both Houses of
Parliament or, where appropriate, first -
Minister, where it finds gaps in legislation
or serious cases of corruption or breaches
of laws of the country.
 Ombudsman is entitled to their own
investigations, require public authorities
any information or documents necessary
to the inquiry, to hear and take statements
from leaders of public authorities and any
official who can provide information
necessary to solve the petition.
Ombudsman make recommendations,
which notifies the public authorities on the
illegality of administrative acts or facts.

 Ombudsman may request public
administration that violated individual
rights to reform or revoke the
administrative act and repair the damage
produced, and to restore the state before
the injured individual. Public authorities
concerned should immediately take the
necessary measures to remove illegalities
found damages and removing the causes
that generated or encouraged the violation
of the injured person and shall inform the
institution of Ombudsman.

In 2010, the Ombudsman gave the
audience 17 470, registered 8895
petitions that was claimed infringement
of rights and freedoms and was
contacted by telephone or beneficiaries
of 6928 . Following these complaints,
the institution has conducted 18
investigations and issued a
recommendation, which are the two
"means the institution-specific
intervention," according to the law . In
2010, the Ombudsman has a budget of
5.5 million .
Between May 2001 - May 2011, the
office of Ombudsman held a Muraru
John, Professor of Constitutional Law
and Political Institutions at the Faculty of
Law, University of Bucharest .