Every vote counts

 “Democracy is the government of the people, by the
people, for the people” – Abraham Lincoln

 America is one of the biggest democracies in the world.
In democracy, elections are held and candidates are
elected to form the government.

 However, by merely getting 15 - 20% approval of the
population, one could be representing you at the local,
state or national level. Here is an example
 Population of America 320,000,000
 Take out
 25% younger than 18 years 240,000,000
 non-US citizens, illegal 230,000,000
 Unregistered 25% 173,000,000
 People who do not show-up to vote 106,000,000
 Invalid votes, counting errors 105,000,000
 Independent candidates 100,000,000
 Votes needed to win 50,000,000
50,000,000 = less than 16% of the population of the America

Don’t you want to be included in that 16% population?
Don’t you want to present yourself and your country?

 Many organizations work on a volunteer basis to
encourage better participation in voting process.
However, there is a real need to educate, inspire,
motivate, and encourage people to become part of this
democratic process by casting their votes.

 Here are two real stories to emphasize the importance
of each and every vote. Awareness of these stories will
encourage participation in elections..
 In one of the world’s largest democracy, in a state
election there were about 200,000 registered voters.
The counting of votes took place on Dec. 8
2008 and
candidates secured 62216 and 62215 votes.
Candidate B lost the election by just one vote. At the
request of the election agent, a recounting took place
but the results remained same. The case was taken to
the Supreme Court for election irregularities
specifically with a charge that candidate A’s wife
voted twice. After 4 years the court made a decision
in favor of candidate B but it was too late for re-
election. The point is - every vote counts.
 Three years ago, in a local mayor’s election, one
candidate lost by one vote. The election was challenged
because winner’s father voted as ‘absentee ballot’ and
he died before the actual election date. Therefore, his
vote was rejected and re-elections were held. In re-
election, the other candidate won. Again, every vote
Register to vote
Remember to vote
Remind others to vote
Remember to cast your vote right

Every vote counts!
I am Ami. I am 14 years old and I approve this message!!