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Sports, whether team-based or

individual, are a great activity for
children that provide a variety of
benefits other than physical
1. Physical Activity

Physical activity is the most
obvious benefit of sports
participation. Sports practices
and games provide an
opportunity for exercise that can
help keep kids in shape and

2. Social Skills

Sports participation can help children
develop social skills that will benefit
them throughout their entire lives. They
learn to interact not only with other
children their age, but also with older
individuals in their coaches and sports
officials. Kids learn leadership skills,
team-building skills and communication
skills that will help them in school, their
future career and personal relationships.

3. Academic Success
They can apply the same principles of
dedication and hard work learned
through sports participation to their
studies. According to an article
published on the website America,
playing on a high school sports team
increases a young men and women
chances of graduating from college by 41
4. Lifelong Health
Children who participate in
sports might also be more aware
of healthy food choices. Sports
participation is an excellent
avenue to promote health and
Little Olympics gives
young athletes a chance to
showcase their talents in a
grand tournament. Every year,
elementary and high school
students from public and
private schools look forward
to representing their region by
competing in its 13 sports

The region with the most
number of medals becomes
the National Champion. If
they retain the title for
three consecutive years,
the region is awarded
the Perpetual Trophy

The MILO® LITTLE OLYMPICS will feature the
following 13 sporting events in the
elementary and high school division:
1. Athletics (Boys/Girls)

2. Badminton (Boys/ Girls)

 3. Basketball (Boys)

4. Football (Boys)

5. Gymnastics (Boys/Girls)

6. Lawn Tennis (Boys/Girls)

7. Swimming (Boys/Girls)

8. Table Tennis (Boys/Girls)

9. Taekwondo (Boys/Girls)

10. Volleyball (Boys/Girls)

11. Chess (Boys/Girls)

12. Scrabble

13. Sepak Takraw

Now, what if
you will
You will receive this!
And a chance to experience the National
MLO and be part of the Regional Team!
May this school year
rise the UNIPIS
Athletics Association
in the Philippine
Sports Arena!