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The Codetalkers in World

War II
In WWII America used the Navajos that could
speak English and Navajo fluently so that they
could send messages in battle using the language.
     About the Language and Code

    The Navajo language has no alphabet or symbols.  Only
about 30 non-Navajos could speak the language, all of them
were not Japenese.  That is how Philip Johnson got the idea
of using the Navajos as Code Talkers.  Philip was the son of
a white trader and he knew "Trader Navajo", something
that the traders spoke when the Navajos came to the local
trading post.  Philip had a few Navajo friends and he took
them to the local Marine Corps station in San Diego, to show
how the language could be used.  They granted his request
and let him train Navajos in various camps.
                    The Code

    The Navajo code worked like this, Wolichai = Ant, and
that would be the word for the letter A.  It is hard to
understand at first, but you'll get it.  You see what the
Navajo word means in English the first letter of that word
is another letter of a word.  Here is a better example. 
    Look at the first letters of the words.  The first letters
put together spell Ant.  That is how the code works.