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The Riddler

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• 26 Questions – Written Prelim
• Starred questions resolve ties
• Top 8 teams qualify for the final
1 **
• main( ) {
• extrn a, b, c;
• putchar(a); putchar(b); putchar(c); putchar('!
• }
• a ‘____';
• b ‘_, _';
• c ‘____';
• The above code was the first instance of
something in the world of programming.What?

Doodle for what?
• In 1536,Christopher was the only survivor of a
pirate attack.He was washed ashore and nursed
back to health by the friendly natives.A time later,
Christopher took a walk on the same beach, and
found a dead body there, whom he recognized as
the pirate who killed his father. He allowed the
vultures flying around the body to eat its meat,
took up the skull of the killer, raised it above his
head, and swore an oath:
• "I swear to devote my life to the destruction of
piracy, greed, cruelty, and injustice, in all their
forms! My sons and their sons shall follow me.”
• Put Funda
• The 40-page comics with art by Tapas Guha and
written by well-known children’s writer Subhadra Sen
Gupta.The series is launched with two stories — “A
Bagful of Mystery” and “Beware in the
Graveyard”.“Murder by the Sea”, “The Killers of
Kathmandu” and “Danger in Darjeeling” are titles that
would be coming soon. The brightly-coloured comic
books are simple and easy to read and make for a
great introduction to the protagonist and his colourful
• Lyricist Anthony Kiedis has commented
that the character of X is composite of all
the women with whom he has had
relationships with.X was born in Misissipi to
a policeman father and a hippie mother.X
was known for her daring attitude,not to
mention her stunning looks.X went around
the country and eventually wanted to
settle in Minnesota.Sadly X met with an
untimely death in North Dakota
• According to Hindu mythology, she is
said to be the wife of Yama. It is said
that calling out her name will earn
that person the wrath of Yama and
thus you are asked to refrain from
calling out her name. So just write it
down will you?
• X is caused by four closely related virus serotypes of the
genus Flavivirus, family Flaviviridae. It occurs widely in the
tropics. Unlike other diseases such as malaria it is
prevalent in the urban areas as well. It caused news due to
its outbreak in Karnataka especially in and around
Bangalore. X might have caused enquirers a lot of insult as
(an improper pronunciation of) X sounds a lot like a
Kannada insult that means f***. The correct pronunciation
also can easily be misinterpreted as the same insult (albeit
delivered more respectfully) Id this dreaded disease.
• ___________ is a stream of charged particles ejected from the
upper atmosphere of the sun. It consists mostly of electrons
and protons with energies of about 1 keV. The stream of
particles varies in temperature and speed with the passage
of time.Some effects of______ are that it creates the
heliosphere,a vast bubble. Other phenomena include
geomagnetic storms that can knock out power grids on
Earth, the aurorae such as the Northern Lights, and the
plasma tails of comets that always point away from the sun.
• There has also been a popular myth that ______ causes the
diurnal motion of the Sun. _______?
• April 1853, when amidst the deafening roar of a 21 gun salute, a train
with 14 carriages and 400 passengers steamed out of Bombay’s Bori
Bunder Station. In that infinitesimal second, India’s future was rewritten.
There would be no looking back. Synonymous with the train’s journey
into the future, it was obvious that India could not hide behind its
heritage. To be one with the world it had to move forward and thanks to
the British rule, the onset began that summer morning in April.The first
three locomotives that hauled the train to Thane on its journey were
called the ________ _________ and __________. Simple one,fill up the blanks

What are this group of people
called? They have lent their name
as a nickname to a well known
11. **
Steps done to achieve something
• Bend in the middle so that the front half of their body rotates
about a different axis than the rear half.
• Tuck their front legs in to reduce the moment of inertia of the
front half of their body and extend their rear legs to increase
the moment of inertia of the rear half of their body so that
they can rotate their front half quite far (as much as 90°) while
the rear half rotates in the opposite direction quite a bit less
(as little as 10°).
• Extend their front legs and tuck their rear legs so that they can
rotate their rear half quite far while their front half rotates in
the opposite direction quite a bit less.
• This term refers to the rich and powerful in the world of politics.The public
perception of the term began after the first performance of Sir Edward
Elgar's popular choral work The Music Makers, at the Birmingham Festival in
October 1912. The work is a setting of Arthur O'Shaughnessy's 1874 poem
'Ode', from his Music and Moonlight collection. In that poem, which singles
out poets and musicians as the bards that guide lay thinking,
O'Shaughnessy coined the term

• We are the music makers,
• And we are the dreamers of dreams,
• Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
• And sitting by desolate streams;
• World-losers and world-forsakers,
• On whom the pale moon gleams:
• Yet we are the __________________
• Of the world for ever, it seems.
• It has been suggested that the song may have originally
have arisen out of American minstrelsy. The earliest printing
of the song is from 1852. The modern tune was first
recorded with the lyrics in 1881, mentioning Eliphalet Oram
Lyte , but not confirming if he was the composer or adaptor.
• The lyrics have often been used as a metaphor for life's
difficult choices. When sung as a group, the act
of ____ becomes a unifier. The idea that man travels along a
certain stream, suggests boundaries in the path of choices
and in free will.The third line recommends that challenges
should be greeted in stride while open to joy with a smile.
• The final line probably conveys anarchist sentiments on the
meaninglessness of man's actions.

• Which song is this?
• 11 August 2009 : It looks like ______ has tonight
turned on a feature called “________” for some
users to test out. We’re getting bombarded by tips
about it, and some of us are seeing it as well.
Unfortunately, it appears that it may not be fully
ready for prime time yet, but we have more
• This evening, the test was temporarily exposed to
a larger set of users by mistake. We have not
opened up access to ______yet!. For further
updates keep reading! What is the author talking
• 22 streets,
• 4 railways.
• 2 utilities.
• 32 houses
• 12 hotels
Pre 2008
• 20 $500 Bills
• 20 $100 Bills
• 30 $50 Bills
• 50 $20 Bills
• 40 $10 Bills
• 40 $5 Bills
• 40 $1 Bills

• Put Funda
Remix of what?

Put Funda
• A's name means "savage", "pagan", "uncouth", or
"barbarous". A's full name is A Marie Predatora Vendetta
Jacquelina _____. A is the de facto leader of the trio.

• B's name means 'skulk' or 'lurk'.B is the most accident-prone
of the trio, being wounded twice, once in a fight , and once by
falling into a thornbush. B is also the greediest, frequently
making references to food and being the most discontent of
the three.

• C hardly says anything. C sports a permenant smile on his
face, his pupils never leave the centers of his eyes, he has two
round cuts on each ear and his tongue is almost always
protruding. Id the trio.
• wait (S) { Connect
• while This is a piece of
code used in
S <= 0 process
• ; // no-op synchronisation.

• S--;
• }
• signal (S)
• S++;
• }
• It is often flavored with rosewater, mastic or lemon;
rosewater gives it a characteristic pale pink color. It
has a soft, jelly-like and sometimes sticky
consistency, and is often packaged and eaten in
small cubes dusted with icing sugar or copra to
prevent clinging.
• The name is famously associated with the country
X.(Although lesser known, an alternate name
associates it with the country Y,a neighbour to X)
The confection is called Lokum in X and loukumi in
Y. What?
21. **

These are a couple of paintings by X, who was popularly called “The Fight Docto
X was in the spotlight recently for another painting of his. What painting?
• Adishesha was sent to live on the earth for
200 years by Lord Vishnu to preach to
humanity the glory of the Lord. Of the 200
years, AdiShesha lived for 80 years in the
form of Varavaramuni, a very well known
Guru who was extremely devoted to the Lord.
For 120 years he was reincarnated more
famously as X, who preached worship only to
the Lord and none else. ID X
• "One Percent" and "The Noble Five" were
each considered before the group settled on
_______ a mocking tribute to a physical-
education teacher at Robert E. Lee High
School,who was notorious for strictly
enforcing the school's policy against boys
having long hair. In 1972 they changed their
name to ____________ and even released their
debut album which was named so, probably
to help their listeners understand what their
name was.
• Y was a countdown/comedy serial aired on DD
in the 90s. It had a stud cast comprising Shafi
Inamdar,Swaroop Sampat and Lakshmikant
Berde. Satish Shah took Shafi Inamdar's place
upon his untimely death. A recently released
comedy movie of the same name surely
evoked memories of Y in a many a DD fan. Id
X, born 1987 in West Germany is a
German professional racecar driver. He is currently managed
by Willi Weber, the long-time manager of Michael Schumacher.
Deemed the next Schumacher , he is a champion of the Formula
Three Euroseries.

• Won the A1 Grand Prix, as part of A1 Team Germany, after
taking 9 wins in his debut season.

• He has the distinction of being only the second driver after Lewis
Hamilton to win the GP2 series championship in his maiden

• Will drive for Williams F1, in 2010 after being test driver for 2008
and 2009.
Just give me X.
26. The
comic strip,
appears in
over 400
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