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Tulsa Peace Fellowship
Presentation spring 2006
University of Tulsa, Faculty of Law
Public Interest Law Group
Death has a tendency to
encourage a depressing view of
--Donald Rumsfeld
No great dependence is to be placed on the
eagerness of young soldiers for
action...Fighting is agreeable to those who are
strangers to it.
Military advertising
makes you think
that if you enlist,
$70,000 you will get
for your college

In fact, 57% get
nothing. The
average net payout
to veterans has
been $2151.
Giving the
hard sell,
on high
Sec.9528 of No Child Left Behind
(a) Policy-
(2) CONSENT – A secondary school student or
the parent of the student may request that
the student’s name, address, and telephone
listing … not be released without prior
written consent, and the local educational
agency or private school shall notify
parents of the option to make a request and
shall comply with any request.
Overview- Opt Out & Opt In
• OPT OUT procedure: School Districts presume that
student contact information will be given to
recruiters unless parents take the initiative to opt
out. Notification to parents about their consent
option ranges from total neglect to a form letter
buried in student information packets

• OPT IN: Releases information ONLY when parents
give written permission for recruiter contact, in
conformity with customary school practice of
requiring written consent from parents.
A newly enlisted soldier must agree to
have $1,200 withheld from their pay for
their first year of service, in order to be
eligible for college funds.
To receive any money, you must:

• contribute $100 of your own money each
• accept a hard-to-fill military job category,
• complete your term of enlistment, and
• receive an honorable discharge.
The Recruiter's Mission

Each of the Army's recruiters faces a quota
of two new recruits a month. They spend
several hours per day cold-calling high
school students, whose phone numbers are
provided under the No Child Left Behind
law. They go to malls, high schools,
colleges and wherever young people
gather…. For the first time since 1998, the
Army has lowered its standards, accepting
more recruits without high school diplomas.
NY Times, 3/27/2005.
The Recruiter's Mission

One of the most common promises
recruiters use is money for college, but
only 16% of enlisted personnel who
completed four years of military duty ever
received money for schooling. And
recruiters don't tell you that a military
person has to make a $1,200
nonrefundable deposit within the first year
of his/her service to be eligible for
education money.

Rand Corp. 2000 Study, SF Bay Guardian,
4/10/2005, pg. 13.
The Armed Forces as ‘job training’

Only 12% of male veterans and 6% of
female veterans said they were using
skills learned in the military in their
civilian jobs.

Ohio State University Study, SF Bay
Guardian, 4/10/2005, pg. 13.
Place of minorities in the Armed
Forces, eg. the Army
The Population Reference Bureau and the
New York Times report :
African-Americans comprise about 22 percent
of enlisted personnel
(including half of all women in the Army),
but only make up 12.7 percent of the US

As of June 30, 2005, the Department of
Defense states the total Army force is
composed of 489,971 people
(of the combined military’s 1.4 million total
The targeting of minorities for
military recruitment
―The life of the nation is secure only while the
nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous.‖
– Frederick Douglass (1818-1895), Escaped
slave, abolitionist, author, editor of the North Star
and later the New National Era. Speech,
Washington, D.C., 1885

―Where is the black man’s government? Where is
the black man’s army & navy?‖
– Marcus Garvey, in 1912-1914, in England,
inspired by Booker T. Washington’s Up From
Slavery (1901)
The targeting of minorities for
military recruitment
• Currently, there are 96,793 Blacks serving
in the U.S. Army (by extrapolation, figures
quoted above; no figures for Navy, Air
Force, Marines, or National Guard)
• Currently, while there are 603,000 Blacks
enrolled in institutions of higher education,
there are 757,000 who are locked up in
federal and state prisons.
International Socialist Review Issue 32, November–December 2003
The targeting of minorities for
military recruitment
• Defense Department statistics show that
the number of black active-duty enlisted
personnel has declined 14 % since 2000.
--CBS News – 3/6/06
• Enlistment of African-Americans, a group
particularly disillusioned with the war in
Iraq, has dropped off sharply, to 14.5
percent from 22.3 percent over the past
four years.
--New York Times - 2/8/06
The targeting of minorities for
military recruitment
• Despite the declines, the percentage of
blacks in the military continues to
exceed the percentage in the U.S.
19% the military's active-duty enlisted force
is black, compared to 13 % of the country's
(source: CBS News)
Recruitment without
Representation for minorities
"Among African Americans, according to
an October Wall Street Journal/NBC News
poll President Bush’s job approval rating is
down to 2 percent—a figure below the
margin of error of the poll."
Jan-Feb 2006
Recruitment without
Representation for minorities
"Among African Americans, according to
an October Wall Street Journal/NBC News
poll President Bush’s job approval rating is
down to 2 percent—a figure below the
margin of error of the poll."
Jan-Feb 2006
Recruitment without
Representation for minorities
In a CBS News poll, 89 % of Black Americans
disapproved of the way President Bush is
handling the war. That figure falls to 65 % of
Americans in general, and 61 % among white
--CBS News – 3/6/06

The targeting of minorities for
military recruitment
• While Latinos make up 10.8 percent of the
Army's active-duty force, a better rate than
the Air Force or Navy, they account for 14
percent of the population as a whole.
--New York Times - 2/8/06
• A vast Army marketing campaign includes
Spanish-language advertisements on
Univision and Telemundo, the country's two
largest Spanish-language networks, and on
the radio and in Hispanic publications. The
budget for this campaign has increased by at
least $55 million in four years.
--New York Times - 2/8/06
The targeting of minorities for
military recruitment
• Hispanics make up only 4.7 percent of the military's
officer corps.
--New York Times - 2/8/06

• In the past year, a Latino counter-recruitment
movement has arisen in several major cities with the
goal of blunting what organizers call overly
aggressive and suggestive recruitment in Latino
neighborhoods. Latino parents, especially those who
speak little English and know little about the military,
are especially susceptible to a recruiter's persistence
and charm, critics say. Fernando Suarez del Solar,
whose son was a marine and died in Iraq in 2003,
founded Aztec Warrior Project for Peace to help
counsel Latinos on the military.
--New York Times - 2/8/06
8,000 desert during Iraq war
WASHINGTON — At least 8,000 members of the all-
volunteer U.S. military have deserted since the Iraq
war began, Pentagon records show.
Since fall 2003, 4,387 Army soldiers, 3,454 Navy
sailors and 82 Air Force personnel have deserted. The
Marine Corps listed 1,455 Marines in desertion status
last September, the end of fiscal 2005.
Desertions in 2005 represent 0.24% of the 1.4 million
U.S. forces.
Opposition to the war prompts a small fraction of
source: Bill Nichols, USA TODAY 3/7/2006
Attempt to ban recruiters from T.U.
campus, Spring 2005
SP05-R14, March 8, 2005
Author: Jonathan Kody Looper
Title: Fighting Federal Discrimination at The
University of Tulsa
―Be it enacted by the honorable Student Senate of
the Student Association of The University of Tulsa
that no military recruiters be allowed to recruit on The
University of Tulsa campus with the exception of the
Law School until the United States government’s
policy of ―Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell‖ is revoked and gay
and lesbian citizens of the United States are
permitted to serve openly in the United States
(Spring Resolution #14, passed by a vote of 13-9-2;
subsequently vetoed by Student President)
In a decaying social order, man’s inhumanity to man includes man’s
inhumanity to children. And the children, even in their years of hope and
light-heartedness, are forced to taste the bitter fruits of knowledge.
--editorial, from a small-circulation journal, the American Socialist, ―Civil
rights after the Till murder,‖ American Socialist 2, no. 11 (November 1955): 3.