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Quality of Work Life (QWL

 What is QWL?
 Determinants of QWL
 New Tools of QWL
 Checklist of QWL goals
What is Quality of Work Life?
 Quality of work life (QWL) is viewed as an
alternative to the control approach of managing

 The QWL approach considers people as an
‘assets’ to the organization rather than as

 It believes that people perform better when they
are allowed to participate in managing their work
and make decisions.

What is Quality of Work Life?
 This approach motivates people by satisfying not
only their economic needs but also their social
and psychological ones.
 To satisfy the new generation workforce,
organizations need to concentrate on job designs
and organization of work.
 Further, today’s workforce is realizing the
importance of relationships and is trying to strike
a balance between career and personal lives
“QWL” means different things
to different persons

 to a clerk in dispatch

 To a mineworker

 Shop floor workers

 A probationary officer
Determinants of QWL
 Employee pay
 Benefits
 Schedule flexibility
 Working conditions
 Johnson & Johnson, for example, reported that
its employees who used flextime and family leave
were absent 50 % fewer days than its regular
 Moreover, 71 % of those workers using benefits
said that the policies were "very important" to
their decision to stay with the company
Employee Involvement
 Quality Circle
 Suggestion System
 Employee Participation in Management
 Empowerment
 Survey Feedback
 Autonomous Work Teams
 Flexible Organization Structure
Other Tools for QWL
 Flextime
 Flexi place
 Part-time Employment
 Job Enrichment
 Job Rotation
 Job Enlargement
Suggestion System
 Direct benefits of a suggestion scheme are the
 It can make work more easy
 It can make-work more safe
 It can remove mistakes
 It can improve quality
 It can increase efficiency
 It can decrease rejects
 It can reduce costs
 It can give more satisfaction to customers through
better service

Suggestion System
 Indirect benefits of a suggestion scheme
are as follows:
 It increases employees’ work morale
 It develops their capabilities
 It activates communication
 It improves human relations
 It identifies work-related problems
 It raises the level of group activities
Employee Participation in
 Key features that enhance QWL are:
 Subject matter of participation

 Level of participation

 Personal characteristics

 Extent of participation
 Merits
 Speed in Decision Making
 Morale
 Compensation for limited career paths.

 Demerits
 Greater potential for chaos
 Breakdown of hierarchical control
 Demoralization

New Methods of QWL
 Prayer and Meditation in the Workplace
 The American Stock Exchange has a Torah
Study Group
 Boeing has Christian, Jewish and Muslim prayer
 Apple Computers office has a meditation room
and employees are given 30 minutes to
meditate or pray.
 Prentice-Hall Publishing has a quiet room for
employees where they can take mental retreats
Checklist of QWL goals
 Decent living standard & economic security
 Mutual trust among employers & workers
 Participation in decision making
 Healthy & safe work environment
 Work-life balance
 Encourages initiative & creativity
 Building commitment to high quality work
 Negotiate clear roles & responsibilities for mgt,
govt, unions, professional associations
Checklist of QWL goals
 Benchmark job quality, analyzing impact on
employees & results
 Diagnose areas of strength & weakness, develop
strategies to address latter, track progress
 Evaluate impact of organizational change on
employees & results
 Build quality work environment goals into business
plans, showing links to results
 Provide incentives for managers to contribute to
specific job quality goals
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