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Diabetes Mellitus
- is a chronic, progressive disease
characterized by the body’s inability to metabolize
carbohydrates, fats and proteins leading to
hyperglycemia( high blood glucose level).

Classifications of Diabetes Mellitus:
a. Type I/IDDM/Juvenile Onset
-destruction of pancreatic beta cells leading to
absolute insulin deficiency.

* Hereditary
Health Maintenance Activities:
- Maintaining normal blood glucose levels
- Preventing complications of DM by removing or treating co-
existing factors e.g smoking, hypertension,
hyperlipidemia,and the use of nephrotoxic drugs.

b. Type II/NIDDM/Adult-Onset
-disorder involving both genetic and
environmental factors.
- Obesity is one of the leading and most
common risk factors.
Health Maintenance Activities:
- Avoid foods high in refined sugars
- Maintaining ideal body weight as per doctors’ advice
- Regular exercise
- Screening high risk individuals (familial history up to
first to second generation, age higher than 45, people
with hypertension/hyperlipidemia,women who had a
baby weighing 9lbs or more.

Note: If DM is left untreated, it
can lead to worst case scenarios
such as, blindness,chronic renal
failure, amputation of affected
extremities, and even death.

Health Management:
1. Promote proper nutrition
2. Promote regular physical acitvity
3. Administer medication
-Insulin Therapy
- Oral Antidiabetics