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Motivation And Ogilvy
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What is Motivation?
In Ogilvy, their motivation is their principle that their job is to help clients build
enduring brands that live as part of consumers lives. Keeping the clients in their
mind while making any advert makes it more successful as they dont think about
the money behind the ad or the client name they just think about the brand, they
are going to keep in front of its consumer.(driving force = consumer)

David gives this definition: We work not for ourselves, not for the company, not
even for the client. We work for Brands. We work with the clients as Brand
This shows how dedicated they are to the work ie organizational goal. Which
automatically brings them the money ie. Individual need
Here people have to succeed & achieve their goals.
O & M : Knowledge is the master and we pursue it, you use it and be well

Its an individual`s desire to have close relations and acceptance of the society.
David put this first, believing that superior service to his clients depends on the
high morale of his men and women.

Defined as the individuals desire to be in change, to be able to exercise control
over others.
They have a desire to change situations & have an impact on their organizations.
Desire of the individual to perform high quality work.
Ogilvy admires people who speak their minds at the same time people who listen
more than they talk, who make real effort to understand views of others
Drives of Motivation
7 rules-
Setting a major
goal, but
follow a path
Finish what
you start
Socialize with
others with
similar interest
Learn how to
natural talent
with interest that
knowledge of
subject that
Take risk
9 Rules of
1 company -
We sell or
cant be forced
buying a
product but
interest them.
Knowledge is
the master
public values
as your own
Respect the
Big Idea will
pass like a
ship in the
First class
business in
first class
Need for self
Esteem needs
Love needs
Safety needs
Physiological needs
Maslow`s Need Hierarchy Theory
Ogilvys has a mix culture of many things- Tradition,
Habits, Behaviour, Peculiarities and Beliefs.

Need for self actualisation : Ogilvy prize both analytical and
creative skills
Safety needs: Treat employees as human beings and helps in
ups and downs
Love needs: Ogilvy stimulates and tries to make the working
experience a happy experience
Esteem Need : Employee have freedom of work which
gears up their confidence leading to self- esteem.

Physiological needs: Ogilvy takes care of every small need of
their employees, materialistic or emotional.
Goal Setting Theory
Ogilvys goal : Earning Clients Respect

The name Ogilvy exists to build the business of its clients.
Basic Goal: We recommend what we would like to be recommended.
Important Goal: To create a benchmark in the minds of consumers which will
directly make them think of the Brand name and ultimately their client.
Top priority: Creative Function
No matter how hard we worked to develop an idea, client has the final say -
its their money.
Maintain same standards, Culture & Atmosphere in all the branches on the
globe as many clients employ us in several countries.
We create partnership with clients, resulting into an feeling of oneness.
No matter with the size of our client , we take them seriously.
Finally we are passionate for winning but never under-estimate our

In 1948, David Ogilvy founded the agency in Manhattan.

David Ogilvy intended to have a different kind of company.

His belief, our job is to make advertisement based on the
information about its consumer.

The advertising that sells best is advertising that builds brands.
David Ogilvy's copywriting was at the heart of many of
advertising's most famous campaigns.

He followed the basic rules of advertising:

1- Research and position the product

2- Develop a brand image

3- Having a big idea
Classic Advertisement
Ogilvy motivating their employees?

Monetary incentives are given

If a particular goal is achieved, a vacation package for their family or gift voucher or
some gift sets are given

Special rooms are there in the premises it self so that the employees can fresh-in
them self's if the work load is too much

They behave very gently with each of their employees and treat them as one of their
friends instead of getting the barrier between the employee ant staff or a senior
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