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Distinguishing primary sources from secondary sources Uses of “It” in a sentence Antecedent and Referent

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Subject-Verb Agreement (Rules: 1-10) a. person and number b. personal pronoun c. nouns ending in “s” d. collective nouns e. indefinite words f. Expressions: “a number” and “the number” g. amount of money, unit of measurement and space of time h. fractions i. intervening words j. words: some, few and many

Test I : Answer “ TRUE ” or “ FALSE ”. No erasure is allowed .

rce of information is direct and firsthand . e of information is indirect and secondhand . langay had been discovered in Davao in the early seventies . huge cargo truck in common use throughout the Southeast Asian re balangay is a governor . ltan ruled a single town . f several settlements joined forces in case of aggression . day is the same with the balangay in the Spanish era which was a nce can be easily used and understood . ed to introduce a sentence . plural verb . always paired with plural verb . singular verb . with a singular verb . ich the pronoun refers in a sentence is called a subject . rsonal pronouns ( he , she , they , them ) can have referent . ive noun is used as antecedent , the plural verb is used . rds ; with , as well as , as long as , together can affect the verb . is in the nominative case , it is used as subject in the sentence . ct is paired with a singular verb .

Test II : Identify the following : ( 2 pt each )

grees with its subject in person and in number. is a number which means “one”. is a number which means “more than one”. is a noun to which the pronoun refers in a sentence. is referring to the doer of the action in the sentence. is the case in which a pronoun or a noun functions as subject. are nouns which are composed of many constituents or individuals. is a personal pronoun that always ties with a plural verb form. is the number of verb needed by the nouns ending in “s” but singular in the phrase into which a fraction depends whether singular or plural firsthand source of information secondhand source of information a preserved sailing vessel which was unearthed in Butuan the source of “How Barangay Came to Be” the word origin of barangay the leader of a balangay which has a hundred households at the most the ruler of a cluster of which formed a single town a confusing pronoun which sometimes introduces a sentence the plural of “it” in the nominative case the form of “they” in the objective case

I : Pick out the correct verb in the parenthesis . No erasure is

s ( do , does ) not agree on the issue . been , have been ) very kind to me . give , gives ) me headaches . the students ( is held , are held ) responsible for his task . er of students ( seem , seems ) too small . eks ’ vacation ( was , were ) all he wanted . of the apple (is, are) rotten. ine , with all its parts , ( is sold , are sold ) for five thousand were) absent during the meeting yesterday. example sources (is getting, are getting) excited of primary test. for this information ss ( has prepared , have prepared ) a report . with its chicks , ( scatters , scatter ) for food . logist , together with the crew , ( passes , pass ) formulated the t of students (have cut, has cut) classes. platoon (gets, get) ready for the flee to Maguindanao. sos ( is , are ) enough for my snack . od things never ( last , lasts ). e , is ) invited to join the reaping . w ( have , has ) responded to the invitation . as well as its piglets , ( grow , grows ) rapidly .

Test IV : Enumerate the following :

information urces of primary information oks of secondary information he ruler of an early Spanish era single t on singular pronoun the subject the subject and verb g words that don’t affect the verb in Rule # 10 that need plural verb

onstruct one ( 1 ) sentence by using and applying the following : ( 3 pt e

1.Few 2.Many 3.Some 4.With 5.Together with

The End!

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