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Career Portfolio

A Tool For Your Future
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Career Portfolio
Students recognize their strengths, abilities and
interests and plan for the future
Students graduate with relevant and valuable tools to
utilize in their college and career pursuits
A solid portfolio will build confidence and give
students a definite edge in college application
processes and job interviews.
Basic Components
Table of Contents
Cover Letter
Career Plan
Career Preparation
Research Assignment
Job Shadowing
Thank You Letter
Community Service
Talent Profile Section
Portfolio Evaluation and
Cover Letter and Resume
Students compose a
sample cover letter to
later be customized for
use with college and
career applications,
interviews and other

Students generate an
updated one page
resume for use with
college and career
applications and
Career Plan
A continually updated career plan helps students:
Discover their strengths, talents and interests
Research and explore potential career paths
Set goals and objectives
Realize the skills, education and training necessary to achieve
their goals
Schedule the appropriate high school and post-secondary courses
required to stay on track.
Career Preparation
This section should contain evidence of preparation for your field of study:
High School Transcripts
SATs, ACTs, PSSAs, NOCTI and other standardized test scores
Organization memberships, certifications, Co-op employer evaluations
Documentation of specific events that have enhanced your career choice
Research Assignment
Includes written and oral
Students follow approved
Teacher approved
research topic is related
to either:
1. Students
career/technical program
2. Students career
Job Shadowing Experience
Exploring career possibilities
through job shadowing yields
many benefits.
Select a business or
organization related to your
prospective field of study.
Call and make an
appointment. People are
generally happy to help.
Ask questions, take notes and
obtain any brochures or printed
literature they may have on
their company.
Write a reflection essay to
include in your portfolio.
Community Service
Document volunteer community service activities (3+).
Community Service Opportunities may include:
High school sponsored programs/activities
Scouts, religious affiliations, community groups, or
personal endeavors.
Achievements and
Honor roll
Perfect attendance
Student leadership
Athletics, music, art
Letters of
Talent Profile
Personal Contact

High School Career
Statistics and Info.

Elite Events: Districts,

Travel & Club Teams

Coach/Director Contact
Portfolio Evaluation
And Practice Interview
Seniors culminate the
project with a practice
job interview with an
evaluation team:
1. Selected team
2. Advisory
3. Others
Grade Reporting
Seniors should complete the Portfolio Project by the end
of second marking period - January
Evaluations and interviews are conducted during the
third marking period (January-March)
Portfolio grades are reported to sending schools along
with the students other third marking period grades
Final Tips
The portfolio
components covered
in this presentation
are the basics.
If you possess other
specialty areas,
create a new section
to highlight those
skills and experience.
Students pursuing
the arts (Art, theater,
music, architecture,
graphic design, film)
should compose a
separate art portfolio
to display that work.
This is your portfolio.
Customize it to best
suit your goals and

Suggested Timeline
First Year (9th/10th grade):
Research Assignment
Draft Cover Letter, Resume and Career Plan
Begin collection and documentation of other components
Second Year (11th grade):
Job Shadow and Thank You Letter
Update Resume and Career Plan
Continue collection and documentation of other components
Third Year (12th grade):
Finalize Resume and Career Plan
Finalize all components
Portfolio Evaluation and Interview
Email, flashdrive or burn CD of all files to take home
Tool Box
Sample templates for the Career Portfolio
components are posted on the CCIU
website. / in the search box enter
Career Portfolio / first result.
Helpful websites
Career Portfolio
A Tool For Your Future