Integrated Marketing Communication

What does one understand my the term Integrated Marketing Communication?
IMC is a way of looking at the whole marketing Process From the viewpoint of the receiver

Define Integrated Marketing Communication
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The message & approaches of general advertising, direct response, sales promotion, public relations, & personal selling efforts are combined to provide clarity, consistency & maximum communications impact. It calls for a big picture approach, such as planning marketing & promotion programs & coordinating the various communication functions. It requires firm to develop a total marketing communications strategy that recognizes what the sum total of a firm’s marketing activities, not just advertising communicate to its customers. Consumer’s perceptions of a firm &/or brands are a synthesis of the messages they receive from various sources. These also include media advertisement, price, direct marketing, efforts, publicity & sales promotions, as well as interactions with sales people & other customer contact employees In the global economy with international markets & instantaneous communications, no aspect of marketing can be studied in a vacuum or in isolation if one expects to be accurate and relevant.

Objectives of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

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Relevance of market within the context of advertising Relevance of promotion mix Exposure to IMC is step forward in understanding advertising Branding – dominant role in today’s advertising

Three Aspects

How Does Communication Work ?

Steps In Developing IMC

Responsibility Of Planning IMC

Marketing Communication Mix- 5 Models

Advertising Sales Promotion Public Relation Personal Selling Direct Marketing

•Print & broadcast Ads •Packaging-outer •Packaging-inserts •Motion Pictures •Brochure &Booklets •Posters & Leaflets •Directories •Bill Boards •Display Signs •POP •Audio Visual •Symbols & Logos

Sales Promotion
•Contests ,Games ,lotteries •Premiums & gifts •Samples •Fairs & Trade Shows •Exhibitions •Demonstrations •Coupons •Rebates •Low Interest Financing •Trade in Allowances •Tie-ins

Public Relations
•Press kits •Speeches

•Community Relations •Lobbying

•Seminars •Annual Reports •Donations •Sponsorships •Publications

•Identity Media •Company Magazine •Events

Personal Selling
Sales Presentation Sales meetings Incentive Programmes Samples Fairs & Trade Shows

Direct Marketing
TV Shopping

Catalogs Mailings
Telemarketing Electronic Shopping

Fax Mail E-mail
Voice Mail

Communication Process

How Can we reach

Customers ?
How Can Our Customers Reach us?

Communication Process










Message Not Reaching Target Audience

Selective Attention

Selective Distortion

Selective Retention

Developing Effective Communication Identify Target Audience Developing Objectives Design Message Select Channels Establish Budget Decide On Media Mix Measure Results Manage IMC

dentify Target Audience
Potential Buyers

Current Users

Deciders or Influencers



Identify Target Audience Image Analysis 1 familiarity Scale
Never Heard Of Heard Of Only Know a Little Bit Know a fair Know Very Amount well

2 Favorability Scale
Very Favorable Somewhat Unfavorable Indifferent Somewhat favorable Very Favorable

Determining Communication Objectives

AIDA Model Cognitive Stage
Attention Knowledge Interest Desire

Innovation Hierarchy of Effect Model

Adoption Model Awareness

Communicatio n Model Exposure Reception

Cognitive Respon Interest

Affective Stage Behavior Stage

Liking Preference Conviction








Design The Message

Message Content
Rational Appeal Emotional Appeal Moral Appeal

Message Format

Message Structure

Message Source

Selecting Communication Channels

Personal Communication Channels *Advocate, Experts & Social Channel Non Personal Communication Channels *Media, Atmosphere, Events, Cliques

Marketing Communication Budget 4 Methods

Affordable Method

Percentage Of Sales Method

Competitive Parity Method

Objective & Task Method

Marketing Communication Budget
Objective & Task Method
Establish Market share Goal

Percentage which can be reached by advertising

Percentage of aware Prospects to be Persuaded by advertisement

Trial Rate

Gross Rating Points

Determine advertisement Budget

eciding The Marketing Communication Mix PROMOTION TOOLS •Advertising •Sales Promotion •PR & Publicity •Personal Selling •Direct Marketing

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