19th -Century Romanticism Pre-Raphaelite Women Art Muses Art Makers Feminist Activists

Pre-Raphaelite Women Artists by Jan Marsh and Pamela Gerrish Nunn, Thames and Hudson, 1998

D.G. Rossetti, Bower Meadow, 1872: Manchester City Art Galleries, Manchester

“[She needs] to give precedence to her brother Felix even if she [is] perhaps as talented as he, she has to cultivate herself more earnestly and eagerly for her real profession, a woman's only profession, being a housewife.” (Abraham Mendelssohn, father of composers Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn, ca. 1820s)

Evelyn de Morgan (1850 - 1919) Eos, 1895 (Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, SC):

The Women's Suffrage Movement (1818-1928)

Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon (8 April 1827 – 11 June 1891)

Lizzie Siddal by D.G. Rossetti

Jane Morris by D.G. Rossetti

Fanny Cornforth by D. G. Rossetti

Edward Burne-Jones: King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid, 1884, Tate Gallery, London.

Rosetti, Study for Beatrice

Elizabeth Siddal (1829 – 1862)

Beata Beatrix, painted in 1870.

John Millais, Ophelia, 1851-52, Oil on canvas, 76.2 x 111.8 cm, Tate

Joanna Mary Boyce (1831-1861)

Portrait of Sidney Wells 1859 Oil on canvas, 276 x 251 mm, Tate

Head of a Mulatto Woman, Mrs Eaton, 1861, oil on paper on linen, Yale Center

Jane Benham Hay

Dressing up; the Hay Thorburn children, Alison, Priscilla and William, dressed in elaborate and colourful costumes, plumed headresses and jewellery, Miniature Size 3.9 x 0 in. / 9.8 x 0 cm, 1870

Francesca Alexander (1837-1917)

Anna Elizabeth Blunden (1830-1915)

The Seamstress (A Song of the Shirt) Oil on canva, 1854

Emma Sandys (1843-1877)

Elaine, 1862-65, oil on panel, National Trust

Anna and Agnes Young, 1870 pencil and colored chalks on paper Private Collection

John Everett Millais: Annie Miller, Oil painting, 1854. Annie Miller William Holman Hunt (1827-1910) The Awakening Conscience, Oil on canvas, 1853, Tate

Jane Burden Morris (1839-1914)

Jane Morris by Evelyn de Morgan in 1904 Jane Morris painted by Dante Gabriel Rossetti as Proserpine (1874)

Fanny Cornforth (1835 – 1906)

Damsel of the Sanct Grael, 1870, 36 x 12 cm, watercolour, private coll.

Georgiana Burne-Jones (1840-1920)

Portrait of Georgiana Burne-Jones, with Philip and Margaret, 1883

The Red and White Roses, 1865

Julia Margaret Cameron (1815 – 1879)

Portrait of Henry Taylor (as Prospero), 1867 albumen silver photograph 22.8 x 28.0cm The Wilson Centre for Photography

Rosa Brett (1829–1882)

Catnap, 1858

Rebecca Solomon (1832-1886)

The Governess,1854

Love's Labour Lost Oil on canvas, 22 3/8 x 24 inches

Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale (1871-1945)

The Little Foot Page, 1905

Christiana Jane Herringham (1852 – 1929)

A Suffragette Banner celebrating Florence Nightingale

Lucy and Catherine Madox Brown

Lucy Madox Brown (1843-1894) 1889 chalks on colored paper Private Collection

Elsie Martindale Hueffer 1895 pastel and pencil on paper 63x53cm Private Collection

Maria Zambaco (1843-1914)

Zambaco, Maria 'Portrait of Maria Zambacco' by Edward Burne-Jones. (1871)

Kate Elizabeth Bunce (1858-1927)

The Keepsake, 1858 – 1901,Oil on canvas 813 x 495 mm, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Marie Spartali Stillman (1844-1927)


Madonna Pietra degli Scrovigni, Watercolour, gouache and gum arabic, 78.5 x 61.1 cm, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Marianne Stokes 1855-1927

Madonna and Child, tempera on panel, 80 x 59.5 cm, Manchester Gallery

Evelyn de Morgan (1855-1919)
Phosphorus and Hesperus, 1881, Courtesy The De Morgan Centre