A Summer Training project on “Competitive analysis of Corolla Altis versus its competitors”

Competitive Analysis:
v The competitive analysis is a statement of the business strategy. v The purpose of the competitive analysis is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors within your market. v The first step in a competitor analysis is to identify the current and potential competition. v Once you have grouped your competitors, you can start to analyze their strategies and identify the areas where they are

Tips for Doing Competitive Analysis:

v Be a customer v Buy stock in your competitors v Talk to your competitors' customers v Use the Internet v Attend industry conferences and trade shows.

Toyota Motor Corporation
v TOYOTA Motor Corp began in September 1933. v Toyota Motor Co. was established as an independent company in 1937. v Sakichi Toyoda is the founder of TOYOTA Motor Corporation.
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First car Model AA of

Entry in Indian Automobile Industry
v It came in India in 6, October 1997 having merger with Kirlosher group and it become Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. LTD. v Product range in India. v 1999 - Qualis v 2002 - Camry v 2003 - Corolla Altis v 2004 - Land Cruiser Prado v 2005 - Innova v 2009 - Fortuner

Mission and Vision of TOYOTA
v Mission of Toyota is to provide safe & sound journey. v v Toyota's mission has always been to provide clean and safe products. v v Vision of Toyota is to be most successful enterprise.

Some Facts About Toyota
v In 2005 it has became World's second largest carmaker automobile company. v In 2008 it has became World's first largest carmaker automobile company. v It is the 2nd most admired brand in the world. v Toyota is lying at 10th position in the world top ten Brand.
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NEED & SCOPE OF THE STUDY v The study can help the companies to get additional information about their competitors v It will give information about the good and bad bits of the competitors cars. SCOPE Paragpur, Jalandhar (PUNJAB) Research Design Exploratory research

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To study the different features and benefits offered by the competitor’s cars. The idea is to get the value for money they are providing to the consumers. To study the strength and weaknesses of the competitor’s cars.

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SAMPLING SIZE Competitor’s showrooms
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SAMPLING TECHNIQUE Convenient sampling
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Name Company Model Price 0-100 kph Top speed Kpl Warranty Corolla Altis Toyota 1.8Gl 14.30 lakh(road price) 8.17 sec 205 kph 11.5 kpl 3 years / 100000kms Honda Civic Honda 1.8VAT 13.93 lakh (road price) 9.59 sec 205 kph 10.7 kpl 2 years / 40000kms Skoda Laura Skoda 1.8TSI 15 lakh (road price) 10.47 sec 223 kph 11.9kpl 2 years / unlimited


Features present in these cars:
Corolla altis Honda civic Yes 2 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 2 Yes Yes No Yes No No No Skoda Laura Yes 2 Yes No Yes Yes No No No Alloys Airbags ABS Leather seats Parking sensor Electric mirror adjust Auto head lamps Powered seats Steering audio control

 Name

Good bits and bad bits
1. Corolla Altis 2. Honda Civic


1. Sunblind keeps the sun off 1. Cheap- feel trim and your back on hot days. plastic not nice at all. 1. Rear passenger can control audio system from rear 1. Steeply raked A pillar armrest. make for a big blind spot. 2. Individual reading lamps for the rear passenger. 1. Reverse parking sensors are practical. Audio screen acts as display. 1. Rear view mirror is not convex, limits field of vision.

Good bits

Bad bits

3. Skoda Laura

v As per my study these three cars lying under the C (Premium) segment. v It was found that Corolla altis has maximum monthly sale that is 6+ and Skoda Laura has only 1 petrol car sale and 19 diesel car sale in month and Honda civic has 4+ so if we compare these three with each other corolla altis has high sale in petrol car. v It was found that that corolla altis and Honda civic has sale percentage of 100% in case of petrol car because they have no diesel option but Skoda Laura has only 5% sale in petrol option and remaining 95% sale in diesel option. It shows that Skoda has maximum sale in diesel car and only 5% petrol cars are giving competition to other petrol cars. v It was found that Toyota give more attention toward the quality product and they believe to increase the customer satisfaction by providing quality products. Honda Company’s products basically known for its low maintenance cost, safety . Skoda’s product basically known for their economy and built quality.

v It was found that all these three companies verify their fuel efficiency from ARAI which is best one technology to measure the fuel efficiency. v It was found that both Honda and Skoda has 100% S/room Walk in customers it means they are not doing field marketing but Castle Toyota has 20% field marketing customers and remaining 80% are S/room Walk in customers. v It was found that in case of Castle Toyota there is only 10% customers who paid cash directly and remaining 90% uses other options. In case of Honda self finance percentage is 50 and outsourced percentage is also 50.In case of Skoda has 2% self finance customers and 98% outsourced customers v It was found that only Skoda Laura give 2 free services but corolla altis and Honda has 3 free services.

v As per the study I found that Corolla altis has maximum features than the Laura and civic. v As per the study I found that corolla altis has more sale than the Laura and civic in Jalandhar area. v As per the study I found that both Honda civic and Skoda Laura has 100% S/room Walk in customers it means they are not doing field marketing but corolla altis has 20% field marketing customers and remaining 80% are S/room Walk in customers.

v After carrying out the study It can easily be concluded that corolla altis is the most successful car out of these. It is giving tough competition to C (PREMIUM) car. That why it is the No. 1 selling car in the world.

v If Castle Toyota wants to enhance its sale then they have to increase its field marketing because field marketing is the best way to convert potentials customers into the hot customer. v Castle Toyota has to give more attention toward the customer relationship department so they can easily take the problems and enquiries of the customers. v Corolla altis is not present in diesel option. They have to launch corolla altis in diesel option because most of the customers who visited Castle Toyota they already demand for diesel corolla altis.

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