To do

The grand master slide with animation Get the goals from my file and the whiteboard. Goals for departments also Push the Remote IT support Put the information from the remote support proposal on the notes of the remote slide

The role of IT
What are the roles of IT

Dept 1

Dept 2


More Pressure than Ever on IT Technology Regulatory Change Compliance
Change Compliance Competition Security

Cost Reduction

Keep Business Up & Running

Customer Connection Business Results & New Value

End User Productivity

Information Technology
What have you done for me lately What we are currently working on What we are planning

IT Remote Support

What can do things more productively and efficiently using have you Determine how we technology tools to for me needs done match the business Consolidate, organize storage rooms and IT areas lately
“Do more with less” Programmed automated DVD for efficient deployment of xp Replaced our two main application servers “fixed” spam server issues Replaced our Central network core switch

Determine technological needs of the different departments

Whathigh marks on ouryou SOX and have audits, including We have had very GMP audits done for me R&Dlately Day
Printer service contract

Replaced our two main application servers

Finance software project

What we are BCPcurrently / DR plan. What is “mission critical” and not Deploying windows XP and Office working on

Infrastructure upgrade to support Finance software and master plan

New computers for the IMMU employees at the GSCC Consolidate the GMP network. Centralized backup Data center Cooling system Validation and Validation software SOX auditing

What we are currently Automation of conference room scheduling Videoconferencing working on
Preparing a Risk Analysis Company retention policy New Web server New Application server with GMP apps

Automating collection of computer inventory and system information

New GMP server on production network so that GMP users can get to shared data

What we are Add currently new apps to testing network working on

Configuring new workstations for the MFCS network

Consolidated GMP network

VPN and Remote Real DR plan

What we are Faster computers to take advantage of the new technologies planning
Server and desktop computer Virtualization

Bringing better and automated technology to R&D and Manufacturing

The two Clinical systems talking to each other; using the same database Automated email archiving system Document management system

Monitoring of systems

What we are Inventory of IT items planning
Preparing a Risk Analysis.

XP OS and Office deployment or on everyone’s desk Cleaning up and modernizing the conference rooms Standard structure cabling for the closets and server room/data center

Validation software New Firewall Server

Why would I care that the Finance group is getting a major software upgrade. What about my department. I need IT to work on needs of my group

Master Plan

Master Plan
Group 1




Group 2


Manufacturing Internet


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A huge project that will benefit all departments

What is the finance software project

allow us to service our users more productively and efficiently

What is IT remote support

I received an email from bank requesting me to verify my account

What is Phishing (spam)

Consumes more than 70% of IT budgets

What is the Maintenance cost

Will allow us to deploy XP and office more quickly

What is the ITcreated automated DVD/CD

Cost effective solution for our non-Xerox printers

What is our new printer service contract

We need to determine this for our BCP/DR plan

What is mission critical

Centralized backup for this network

What is a primary goal for the GMP network

Facilities has been requested to work on this

What is the new cooling system for the Data Center

Will ease maintenance required for conf rooms, projectors etc

What is conference room scheduling automation

Able to run company applications in a secure environment from anywhere

What is a virtual private network (VPN)

Answer 2c

Question 2c

ability to support our users when they are not in the office

What is IT Remote Support

Answer 4c

Question 4c

Answer 5c

Question 5c

Answer 1d

Question 1d

Answer 2d

Question 2d

Answer 3d

Question 3d

Software updates, patching, file transfers can be done without tech visiting the users’ desk

What is IT Remote Support

Answer 5d

Question 5d

Answer 1e

Question 1e

Answer 2e

Question 2e

Answer 3e

Question 3e

Answer 4e

Question 4e

Answer 5e

Question 5e

Make your wager

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