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Petroleum Technical Training Institute


Sindh Technical Education & Vocational
Training Authority
Scheme of Presentation
Introduction to PTTI
Vision & Mission Statement
PTTI Board of Directors
Programs offered at PTTI
Intake Capacity & Enrollment
Training Facilities
Curriculum Development
Schemes of Studies & Trainings
Training Methodology
Equipment Position & Requirement
Pictorial View of activities at PTTI
Expected Support

Introduction to PTTI
Sindh has more than 70% share in Oil & Gas
exploration in Pakistan. However, the share of its
workforce in E&P companies is negligible.

The E&P companies identified lack of availability of
skilled manpower to meet their demand.

The institute was planned and has been established
in the premises of Government College of
Technology Khairpur (Mirs).

The capital cost for the institute was provided by
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources out of CSR
funds of E&P companies.

The Institute is under the administrative control of
Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training
Authority (STEVTA)


Recognition as a Center of Excellence for Qualitative
Trainings in Oil & Gas Sector as per the acceptable
standards of E & P companies operating in Pakistan.


To produce demand driven qualitative workforce to
meet the requirements of Exploration & Production
(E&P) companies in the Oil & Gas sector nationally as
well as internationally

To provide specialized / customized
training programs to upgrade the skills
and knowledge of the existing
workforce of E&P Companies.

To provide upstream & downstream
trainings in the sector of Oil & Gas.
PTTI Board of Directors
Following are the names of the members of the Board
of Directors of PTTI

The first meeting of the board was held in
Due to unavailability of funds, the institute was not
capable to organize the meeting again
Programs offered at PTTI
Petroleum Technical Training Institute is
currently offering following programs
Six Month Certificate Course in Petroleum
One Year Diploma in Health, Safety &
One Year Training Program in Petroleum
Technology for the Young Students of Taluka
Nara, District Khairpur
Certificate of Information Technology (CIT) for
Intake Capacity & Enrollment
Morning Programs

Self Help Basis Evening Program

Course Name
Six Month Certificate Course in
Petroleum Technology
One Year Diploma in HSE
One Year Training Program in
Petroleum Technology for the Young
Students of Taluka Nara, District
50 50
Certificate of Information Technology
(CIT) for Girls
50 11
Course Intake Capacity = 50 each
Year 2
Year 3
3 Year DAE in Petroleum 29
3 Year DAE in Chemical 36
Training Facilities
Air Conditioned Classrooms with Multimedia
Networked Computer Lab with latest Computers and
DSL Internet Connection
Instrumentation & Control Lab
Drilling & Production Lab
Oil & Gas Testing Lab
Library & Audio-Visual Aids
Seminar Hall
Furnished Guest Rooms for Visiting Faculty / Industry

Profile of Teaching Faculty
Selected through Open Market Competitive Selection
Paid market based Competitive Salary Packages
Brief Profile of the Principal and Teaching Faculty

Name & Designation Brief Profile
Mir Sajjad Talpur
B.E. (Chemical Engineering)
11 years University Teaching
7 years field experience at Pak EPA
S. Hamid Raza Shah Instructor
(Petroleum / Drilling)
B.E. (Petroleum & Gas)
1 year University Teaching
2 year field experience at DESCON
Engr. Abdul Shakoor Shaikh
Instructor (Petroleum/Drilling)
B.E. (Petroleum & Gas)
1 year teaching experience
Jabir Hussain Bhanbhro
Instructor (Corrosion & Process)
B.E. (Chemical)
2 years Teaching at Technical College
Ashok Kumar
Faculty member (Computer)
B.E. (Computer Systems)
3 year College and University Teaching
Curriculum Development
Developed by PTTI faculty members in consultation with:
Oil & Gas Training Institute (OGTI), Islamabad
Petroleum & Gas Institute of Mehran University of
Engineering & Technology
British Petroleum, OMV, MOL, PPL, Mari Gas, OGDCL,
ENI, BHP and Orient Petroleum

The curriculum is focused on practical competencies
required in the workplace besides background
theoretical knowledge.

The curriculum at PTTI is continually updated in
consultation with E&P companies to meet their
Scheme of Studies and Trainings
Basic Petroleum Geology & Exploration Techniques
Drilling and Allied Services
Corrosion Principles & its Prevention Techniques
Inspection & Testing of Materials
Basic Electricity and Introduction to Power Generation
Introduction to Digital Electronics and Process Instrumentation
Technical English
Health, Safety and Environment
Basic Computer Skills required at workplace
Training Methodology
Class Lectures
Group Discussions
Guest Speakers from Industry
Field Visits
Presentations by Trainees
Seminars / Workshops
Quizzes and weekly / monthly tests
Practical exercises in relevant Laboratories
Oral Tests / Viva Voce
Report Writing
Speech Competition
Internship / Field Attachment (Subject to approval of E & P Companies)

Pictorial View of PTTI
Outer View of PTTI, Khairpur Side View of the PTTI Academic Block

Pictorial View of PTTI

Syed Qaim Ali Shah Jillani, Honorable Chief Minister Sindh on the occasion of Inauguration of PTTI
Pictorial View of PTTI

Instructor Briefed CM in Instrumentation Lab. Trainees Briefed CM in Drilling Lab
Pictorial View of PTTI
Honorable Minister and Managing Director
STEVTA during visit at PTTI
Brief to Honorable Minister and Managing Director
By Director Works at PTTI Bungalows
Pictorial View of PTTI
Madam Nafisa Shah, Chairman NCHD, during her
visit @ PTTI Khairpur
German Scientist Dr. Heinz Brecht and
Engr. Muneer Ahmed Shaikh, Principal GCT during
presentation on PTTI at GCT Khairpur
Pictorial View of PTTI
Introduction and Welcome Address to new
students at PTTI
Students during Class
Pictorial View of PTTI
Students performing Practical in the Laboratory Students performing Practical in the Laboratory
Pictorial View of PTTI
Students in Computer Lab Demonstration in Instrumentation Lab
Pictorial View of PTTI
Students at the PTTI Library Conference Hall at PTTI
PTTI v/s MUCET Technical
Presentation Contest Pics
Inauguration of English
Language Lab at PTTI
Hydraulic Fracturing
Workshop at PTTI
Workshop on Job Hunting in UAE
Field Visits:
Sundrani Gas Field OGDC Ghotki
PTTI Trip to Sundrani Drill Site (OGDC)
Visit to Qadir Pur Gas Field
Visit to Qadir Pur Gas Field
Field Visit OMV
Speech Competition on
Anti-Corruption at PTTI
Pictorial View of PTTI
Students Hostel Front Elevation Students Hostel Inside Room View
Pictorial View of PTTI
PTTI Bungalow Front Elevation PTTI Bungalow Inside View
Expected Support
Nomination of Senior Industry Executives on PTTI
Management Board
Donation of Redundant Field Equipment for
Demonstration Purpose
Extend Preferential Treatment to PTTI Graduates for
Extend opportunity for Career Counseling / Job Interviews
Nomination of Field Experts for Guest Lectures at PTTI
Nomination of existing Field Workers for customized
Capacity Building Trainings at PTTI
Allocation of Internship Positions for PTTI Trainees
Support for Field Visits of PTTI Trainees