Our Journey

Mimio Interactive Board
GRITS Action Research By Jane, Christine and Hannah Tapanui School

What have we chosen to do?
Our aim was to… To increase the usage and extend the range of Mimio activities and experiences.

Why did we choose to do it?
Mimios were installed in each classroom at Tapanui School early 2008. They were an expensive undertaking by the Board of Trustees. We felt we needed to utilise this resource more effectively than we had been. We felt we were using them in a very limited way and it hadn’t been a priority due to ‘life’. We also felt that we needed to broaden the students horizon with ICT use.

What were the difficulties and initial challenges?
• Systems not operating correctly. • Height of the white boards. • Calibration of the boards and the movement. • Faults with Data projectors. • Limited training time. • Lack of ‘playtime.’ • Staff changes.

How did we overcome them?
Staff were given training by Jenna from Waterhouse…. And then she revisited because we didn’t retain some of the previous information and she taught us again...She left her email and phone number for us… Then disappeared back into the classroom… Fortunately we had Kim as a back up and have used her support during ICT release time. She has reinforced Mimio skills with us so we remember and ‘have a go.’

Boards and the projectors were stabilised by the builder. We adopted strategies to deal with movement of projectors e.g. Leaving the door open and training the students not to slam the doors in the classroom.

The height of students and some staff, made it difficult for them to reach the top half of the board. Steps were custom made for each class that enabled the students to easily access the top of the board.

We had the Mimio updated so we were all working on the same version. We persisted with checking projectors, cabling and laptops until faults were bearable.

We set aside one lunchtime a week to meet as a syndicate, where we taught each other skills and shared our learning. We find ‘playtime’ an ongoing challenge. We are still having to make a conscious effort to use this tool.

What did the children know?
We interviewed each of the students in the three classes at the beginning and then at the end of our study. Here are our initial findings.

The questions we asked were…
What is a Mimio?

Clear Idea Some Idea No Idea

58% of our students had no idea what a Mimio was.

Can you tell me what a Mimio is? “I’ve heard of it before. I just can’t remember. It could be something that goes in the car, maybe a fan that blows out hot air.”

Where is it?

Clear Idea Some Idea No Idea

Only 16% of the students could locate the Mimio.

Can you tell me where it is?

“Oh, it’s in Gore or in Dunedin.”

Can you tell me where it is?

“It’s over there in that pot plant.”

What can you do with it?

Clear Idea Some Idea No Idea

None of the students could clearly tell us about the Mimio.

Can you tell me what you can do with the Mimio?

“It’s magic and it writes. Lots of times it doesn’t work. We have to tell it to work.”

How often have you used it?

A lot A few times Once/ Never

85% of the students said they had never used the Mimio. The rest of the students had only used it a few times.

What do you think of it?

“It’s as flash as a star!”

What did we do?
We introduced the Mimio to the students. We showed them the parts of the Mimio and the specific language of the tools. The children were taught how to calibrate it and to use the Mimio pen to write.

Here are some learning examples that we did with the children.

What have been the benefits to the children in the classroom programme?
Fun Engaging Co-operative learning Development of ICT knowledge and skills. They can now revisit aspects that they can transfer into other areas. • Modeling work to peers. • • • • •

Our Findings
Revisiting our surveys showed we had a greater knowledge of the mimio.

Our Findings
What is a Mimio?

Clear Idea some Idea No Idea

58% of our students had no idea what a Mimio was at the beginning now they all had some idea. 63% of students could clearly describe what a Mimio is now.

Where is it?
Clear Idea some Idea No Idea

Only 16% of the students could locate the Mimio at the start. Now 88% can locate it exactly.

What can we do with it?

Clear Idea some Idea No Idea

None of the students had a clear idea of what the Mimio was used for at the beginning. Now 79% of students can describe many ways in which we can use the Mimio.

How many times have you used it?

A lot A few times Once/ Never

85% of the students had said they had never used the Mimio at the start. Now 65% say they use it a lot.

The students thinking and understanding has changed a lot. A new entrant student explained… “It’s pretty cool, I reckon it’s amazing how it can save things on a little oblong shape.”

A year 2 student told us about how you can use it…
Mmm… let’s see - well there's painting, displaying things, going on the mimio notebook, use things on the internet, do ICT with it. You don’t need to plug it in because it is wireless. It takes 4 AA batteries and I’ve seen them. It goes through the projector. You can fold it away when you are not using it. It scans the white board with the black part. It unfolds and sticks on the board you turn it on and I calibrate it. It’s cool like a giant computer screen.

A year One student added…
“When the mouse is not working we have to turn on the bottom button so that makes it go on the shooting thing which makes the mouse work…but it sometimes doesn’t.” “We aren’t allowed to play with it or it might blow up.”

A year one student commented… “We can make the whiteboard celoborate (meaning calibrate). I can’t say it that good ‘cos I just got my tooth out.”

A final note…
We need to keep the momentum going our own growth and the students development, with using the Mimio. This will ensure knowledge and skills become embedded…