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Finding Out Who You Are and

What You’re Looking In The
Dating World
Meeting at Hope
But, more about us later…
Being single can be FUN…
But we all desire to find that special
But, “If you don’t know where
you’re going…
Any road will take you there”. -
Alice in Wonderland
How to get where you want to go…
First begins with figuring out where
you are
Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Which one are you?
Act first, think/reflect later Think/reflect first, then
Feel deprived when cutoff Act
from interaction with the Regularly require an
outside world amount of "private time"
Usually open to and to recharge batteries
motivated by outside Motivated internally, mind
world of people and is sometimes so active it
things is "closed" to outside
Enjoy wide variety and world
change in people Prefer one-to-one
relationships communication and
Which one of these are you?
Mentally live in the Now, Mentally live in the Future,
attending to present attending to future possibilities
opportunities Using imagination and
Using common sense and creating/inventing new
creating practical solutions is possibilities is automatic-
automatic-instinctual instinctual
Memory recall is rich in detail Memory recall emphasizes
of facts and past events patterns, contexts, and
Best improvise from past connections
experience Best improvise from theoretical
Like clear and concrete understanding
information; dislike guessing Comfortable with ambiguous,
when facts are "fuzzy" fuzzy data and with guessing
its meaning.
Left or Right
Instinctively search for Instinctively employ
facts and logic in a personal feelings and
decision situation. impact on people in
Naturally notices tasks decision situations
and work to be Naturally sensitive to
accomplished. people needs and
Easily able to provide an reactions.
objective and critical Naturally seek consensus
analysis. and popular opinions.
Accept conflict as a Unsettled by conflict;
natural, normal part of have almost a toxic
relationships with people. reaction to disharmony.
Last one
Plan many of the details Comfortable moving into
in advance before moving action without a plan;
into action. plan on-the-go.
Focus on task-related Like to multitask, have
action; complete variety, mix work and
meaningful segments play.
before moving on. Naturally tolerant of time
Work best and avoid pressure; work best close
stress when able to keep to the deadlines.
ahead of deadlines. Instinctively avoid
Naturally use targets, commitments which
dates and standard interfere with flexibility,
routines to manage life. freedom and variety
What it all means
Introvert vs
Intuitive vs Sensing
Thinker vs Feeler
Judging vs
Artisian (SP)
Lives life one day at a time
Spontaneous pleasure seekers
Playful in romantic relationships
Permissive as parents
Guardian (SJ)
Value experience and seek a tangible
return on investments
Believe in common sense, not idle
Are conventional and cooperative
Believe everybody gets what they
deserve, no more no less
Follow the rules, and expect others too
Idealist (NF)
Tend to study humanities
Seek careers facilitating personal growth
of others
Seek to promote the happiness of
fulfillment of individuals and society
Rationals (NT)
Trust reason implicitly
Rely on objective observations and factual
Seek a logical argument as a basis for
Strive to gain as much information as
What works well together
What works
Idealist/Rationals Rationals/Idealist
Idealist/Guardian Rationals/Artisians
Idealist/Artisians Rationals/Guardians
What else works
Artisians/Guardians Guardians/Artisians
Artisians/Rationals Guardians/Idealist
Artisians/Idealist Guardians/Rationals
What it all means
Whatever we reject in ourselves we
become attracted to in a mate because
that person becomes all we wish we could
However that becomes big trouble down
the road. So…
Get to know yourself…
And then find someone like you.
Almost… Homework
Write a personal ad on the note card
Give it to 3 trusted friends and ask if they
agree with: Who you are, and what you’re
looking for.