Digital Mental Health in the UK
International Mental Health Leadership Conference
Dr Alison Longwill (Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead), Ewan Davis –
Directors HANDIHealth Community Interest Company
People with mental health issues

• Access to information
• Assessing and identifying needs- including challenge
to existing models of mental health
• Self-monitoring- measured self
• Patient controlled personal health records (PHRs)
• Online therapy services, self-help tools and apps.
• Therapeutic gaming
• Supporting integrated care and co-production of
services- customised delivery
• Assistive technologies to support care and quality of
• Peer and network support

Professional support

• Information and research and best
practice evidence
• Supporting clinical networks and sharing
clinical opinion and advice
• Enabling the remote monitoring of mental

Service evaluation

• Tools for finding services and rating care
• "Big data" analytics and assessment of
health and care needs and service
• Cost-effectiveness – what works and what
doesn’t – supporting commissioning

Improving and developing services

• Campaigning and reducing stigma
• Challenging poor and ineffective practice
• Developing new service models

Likely barriers to the use of digital tools
• Awareness
• Lack of awareness of the potential of digital
approaches - low eHealth literacy and
• Design and integration
• Poor design and lack of end user involvement
• Poor interoperability and orchestration.
• Lack of integration and blending of digital
approaches in overall delivery
• Lack of appropriate access

The challenges
• Culture and models
• Changing power relations in models of mental health and service
delivery – empowerment and challenge of the citizen
• Perceived threat of exposing poor current practice
• Fear of job losses and redundancy
• Risk
• Finding and evaluating, safe, effective and appropriate tools
• Poor previous experiences of IMT implementation
• Risk aversion
• Workload, cost and liability issues
• Information governance
• Business models
• Lack of appropriate business models and procurement processes
• Need for cultural and business process change processes to
support adoption

What HANDI Knows
• Fail Fast
• Business models
• Interoperability and orchestration
• Quality and regulation
• UI, UX and information design
• User centred design
• Gamification
• Tech for apps
Some Links
• Links and Resources

• Psychiatry Online
• Big White Wall
• DocReady,
• Buddy
• My Journey
• HANDI Open Platform

• @handihealth
• +44 (0)207 148 7170