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Prep Day

and the Causes
of World War II

1) HW due Friday (Chap 6) (5% of grade)

2) Trackers due Tomorrow (Quiz grade8%)

3) 10 extra practice sections due (20% of grade)

4) Last day for take-home tests are tomorrow (12%
of grade)

5) Regents Next Wednesday at 9am

I) Joseph Stalin of
the Soviet Union

A) Replaces Lenin after
Lenin dies.

B) Political Party =
Bolshevik Party

C) Command Economy
(Government controls

I) Joseph Stalin of the
Soviet Union
D) Totalitarian government

E) Five Year Plan Plan to
modernize and industrialize the Soviet

F) Great Purge Stalin killing millions
of Russians who were Suspicious

G) Collectives Large farms given to
the peasants to farm on.
II) Rise of Fascism in Italy

A) Fascism Totalitarian nationalism.
Began in Italy under Benito Mussolini.

B) Totalitarian government & Nationalists

C) Why did the people support Fascism?

1) Italy did not receive anything from the Treaty of
2) The Great Depression had hit Italy

III) Weimar Republic

A) Weimar Republic
Government created in Germany
after World War I

B) This government was weak
and ineffective. Why?

1)Germans blame the Weimar
Government for accepting the
Treaty of Versailles.
2)Germany is hit hard by the
Great Depression
IV) Rise of Hitler

A) Adolf Hitler Takes over the German
government from the Weimars.
Becomes Chancellor of Germany

B) Totalitarian / Fascist.

C) Political Party = Nazi Party.

D) Master Race = (German blood, light
skinned, with light hair)

E) Promises to end reparations and bring
Germany back to its glory days
V) Hitlers Aggression

A) Aggressor Nations Nations who believe in
fighting / conflict to obtain their goals.

B) Diplomacy Nations Nations who believes
DISCUSSION will solve conflicts. These nations

C) Axis Powers Alliance - Japan, Italy, and Germany

D) League of Nations Proves ineffective. They do
not have a military force.

VI) Failures of Appeasement

A) Appeasement Giving into the aggressors
demands in hopes of obtaining peace.

B) Munich Agreement Hitler is given half of
Czechoslovakia by the allies. Hitler two months later
invades the rest of Czechoslovakia.

C) Japanese Aggression Japan needs natural
resources for its empire. Begins to invade Asian
countries, starting with Manchuria.