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SN Schemes Action Plan

1 Routing of hot stabilized naphtha from

naphtha stabilizer to NSU may be
examined as being practiced at other
refineries. IOCL Digboi has already
initiated action.
Scheme is under study by M/s
Mott Macdonald for feasibility
2 Delayed Coker furnace coil outlet
temperature is 495C, whereas coke
drum inlet temperature is 479 C.
Insulation job to be implemented.
PO Placed for job

3 Higher Steam Carbon ratio is maintained
at 4.05 against a design value of 3.0 in
HGU reformer due to hot spots in two no
of reactor tubes. Action has been
initiated to replace the catalyst for
reduction of steam consumption.
Implemented in Jun12
Savings achieved : 310 SRFT
Current S/C ratio is 3.84
SN Schemes Action Plan
4 Preheat in CDU was found below the
design value. Heat exchanger survey
including temperature, pressure and flow
may be carried out to ascertain the reasons
for lower preheat. Digboi refinery has
already carried out a pinch study through
external agency which indicates scope for
improving the pre-heat and
implementation being planned.
Proposal is under management

5 Stripping Steam rates for LK, LGO were
observed to be in the range of 18 kg/M3 of
product to 20 kg/M3 of product; Vs. normal
recommended of about 15 kg/M3
(maximum 18 kg/M3). Stripping Steams
shall be optimized and maintained within
the range.
Stripping steam at LGO stripper
has been stopped in Jul12.
Stripping steam at LK stripper is
maintained at 15-15.5 Kg/M3 of
Savings achieved : 35 SRFT

SN Schemes Action Plan
6 Crude column bottom temperature was 327
C, whereas RCO temperature at Vacuum
heater inlet was 320 C. Reason for
temperature drop shall be analyzed as
locations of TIs are nearby.
Line is already insulated with
Calcium Silicate.
7 Steam condensate is being used as wash
water in the desalter, where as the desalter
effluent water is cooled by cooling water.
Normally in other refineries sour water from
crude and vacuum overhead is used as wash
water. Use of sour water in place of steam
condensate and feasibility of preheating
wash water with desalter effluent may be
This scheme is implemented.
Currently sour water from CDU
column is routed to desalter.
SN Schemes Action Plan
8 Combustion air temperature is observed to be
at 144 C which is on lower side (AVU).
Modification job in control
system for partial stack
damper opening initiated.
Currently stack damper of
both CDU as well VDU are
9 Ejector steam in VDU, for creating pressure 32
mmHg at column top, is around 8.5 MT/Hr
which is very high. For BPCL Kochi the amount
of steam required is 10 TPH for creating a
pressure of 5 mm Hg for crude capacity of 5
MMTPA. Ejector system may be examined and
option of vacuum pump may be explored.
Feasibility study by Mar13
10 RVP of SRN to be checked periodically to
ensure that no light ends are being carried
over, and to avoid flaring from NSU.
In practice
SN Schemes Action Plan
11 DCU furnace is a natural draft furnace. Flue
gas / stack temperature is about 224C and
excess oxygen is around 7% as checked by
portable analyzer. Possibility of heat recovery
from flue gases to be explored.
This proposal is not found
feasible due to high payback.
(With improved burner
performance current stack
temp lowers to 210
12 At DCU cooler inlet temperatures of LDO &
CFO were found to be 140 & 190 C
respectively. Possibility of heat recovery may
be explored. Cold feed is going to stripper
column in LRU. Possibility of preheating the
stream with DCU hot stream (e.g. CFO, LDO)
may be checked.
As per Pinch study carried out
at DCU, same was not found
economically viable.
13 Debutanizer bottom naphtha RVP is to be
checked for monitoring performance of
debutanizer and to ensure that no light ends
are being carried over which leads to flaring
from NSU.
In practice

SN Schemes Action Plan
14 At CRU Hydrogen to Hydrocarbon ratio is
maintained as 5 against design of 4.5. This
has to be optimized. Possibility for
Implementation of step less controller for
compressor loader may be explored.
Presently, there is no control
system to control Hydrogen
to Hydrocarbon ratio.
15 Hydrogen rich CRU gas (90% purity) is
presently supplying hydrogen to WHFU and
NHDT. Surplus CRU off gas is used as fuel gas.
Possibility of recovering hydrogen from CRU
off gas and WHFU off gas may be ensured so
that hydrogen generation requirement from
HGU can be reduced thereby consumption of
Natural Gas as HGU feed should come down.
Moreover recovering hydrogen from the off
gas stream will reduce the generation of fuel
Job is in progress
Target completion : Jun13.
SN Schemes Action Plan
16 Makeup Gas Compressor spill back is open
79 % at HDTU. Feasibility of employing step
less control for controlling compressor load
may be checked.
Step less controller at HDTU is
not economically feasible due
to small capacity
17 At SRU SO2 analyzer in the first thermal
reactor was not functioning which do not
allow to control the flow of air in the reactor
(to maintain burning rate at 1/3rd of H2S).
Order placed for health check
up of all analyzers at SRU.
Target : Dec12.
Action shall be initiated as per
recommendation of health
check up survey.
18 All the analyzers in the SRU stack are found
to be not functional.
As above ( Point no. 17)
SN Schemes Action Plan
19 At WHFU temperature drop of 8 c
between electric heater outlet and
reactor inlet is observed. TIs to be
Insulation of transfer line checked
and observed to be OK. Currently
avg temp drop is noted to be 4
20 MP steam is being used in De-aerator,
feasibility of using LP steam to be
At DR SL steam is produced with
PRDS. Hence savings opportunity is
not considered significant.
21 Energy efficient nozzles to be used in
plant air utility points.
All plant air battery valves are kept
closed except at the time of
occasional requirement.
22 To improve specific fuel consumption
further IOC may examine selling of
additional power, at the same time
maintains reliability.
APDCL reply awaited for supply of
transformer to increase power
Further action shall be initiated
after reply from APDCL.
Target Dec13.
Expected Savings: 401 SRFT
SN Schemes Action Plan
23 The difference between cooling water
supply and return temperature to
refinery is 4 Deg C. Reason for the
same (e.g. high water circulation rate)
shall be examined. IOC has initiated
necessary action.
Depending upon ambient temp
and humidity temp difference is
observed to vary between 4-8
24 Oxygen analyzer for CDU, HDTU & SDU
furnace was not working, to be made
O2 analyzer at CDU and HDTU
are in working condition.
SDU: Analyzer received at site.
Job shall be completed by

25 Painting of Naphtha tanks, CPP stacks
and offsite structures may be initiated.
Job initiated. Target completion:
SN Schemes Action Plan
26 Condensate recovery exists for some of
the units, to be implemented for other
Condenasate recovery system is
implemented in all units except
At WHFU same shall be
implemented by Dec12.
27 Feasibility of flare gas recovery may be
studied to minimize flare loss after
implementation of the Hydrogen
Recovery Project.
Shall be examined after
implementation of H2 recovery
28 Mass flow meters in loading line of
products at TTL shall be provided.
Shall be implemented along
with modernization of TTL