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The rebirth of the soul in another bodily form.

What is a reincarnation?

This Hindu god was known as the Creator. (Siddhartha Guatama or Brahma)

Who is Brahma?

This Hindu god was known as the “Destroyer” (Shiva or Brahma)

Who is Shiva?

“The Enlightened One” who founded Buddhism and later became known as Buddha.

Who is Siddhartha Guatama?

Hindus believed this determined a person’s caste

What is karma?

A large dome-shaped shrine that housed sacred remains (Shiva or Stupa)

What is a stupa?

Maurya emperor who converted to Buddhism (Asoka or Shi Huangdi)

Who is Asoka?

This ruler established the first great Indian Empire. (Chandragupta Maurya or Liu Bang)

Who is Chandragupta Maurya?

Kingdom in which women enjoyed high status.

What is the Tamil Kingdoms?

The Golden Age of India took place during this empire.

What is the Gupta Empire?

Family headed by the father or oldest male.

What is patriarchal?

This was an ideal Indian family in which many generations shared a common dwelling.

What is a joint family?

Indian villages were ruled by these. (the empero or a village council)

What is a village council

These are wall paintings and can be found in Ajanta.

What are murals?

This was the greatest Gupta poet. His most famous play was Shakuntala.

Who is Kalidasa?

This philosopher’s ideas helped shape Chinese civilization for 2,500 years.

Who is Confucius

This, or respect for one’s parents, was considered to be the most important virtue.

What is filial piety?

This Chinese philosopher who taught that the “nature of man is evil” (Hanfeizi or Liu Bang)

Who is Hanfeizi?

Followers of this philosophy rejected conflict, strife, and violence and embraced nature.

What is Daoism?

This philosophy taught that government Should pass strict laws and enforce them with harsh punishment.

What is Legalism?

Complete control of a product or business by one person or group.

What is a monopoly?

This ruler abolished feudalism in China and led with Legalist ideas. (Shi Huangdi/ Liu Bang)

Who is Shi Huangdi?

This emperor founded the Han Dynasty (Asoka/Liu Bang)

Who is Liu Bang?

Han Rulers based their policies on the teachings of this philosopher.

Who is Confucius?

China became the most technologically Advanced civilization in the world under this Dynasty’s rule

What is the Han dynasty?

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