Model View Controller Based Retail Management System

Moiuddin Bukhari 357

2003 – CE –

What is Model View Controller Effect on transaction speed Reduce code Ease to decide business logic

• 2.0 • C# .NET 2.0 • SQL Server 2000 • Microsoft Office 2003 • Adobe Photoshop CS • Crystal Reports OEM Version

Development Phases 1
Project Planning Time Schedule Management Design Pattern Database Designing

Development Phases 2
Writing the Stored Procedures Writing the Controller Writing the Data Model Writing the View

Development Phases 3
Designing the view Testing Deployment

Project Planning
Research Work Development Testing Completion

Time Schedule Management
Setting a work schedule Maintaining the schedule Deadline issues Constraints

Design Pattern
General solution to a common problem Only description, not the actual code Model View Controller Other Design Patterns

Database Designing
Designing table structure Defining Relationships Managing Dependencies Entity Relation Diagram

Stored Procedures

Why stored procedures are used Execution from the database Independent of programming language

Handlers AdminDelegate Class UserDelegate Class SsuetController Class

Data Model

Sql Helper Class Data Access Factory Interface Class

User controls Re-usability of user controls Forms Designing Crystal Reports

Testing Strategies Testing at the end of each phase Test Cases and Scenarios Defect Tracking


IIS Server Deployment Issues .NET Framework support


Thoughts before starting the project Lessons learned Suggestions for

future enhancements

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