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Al Maha Trading and Contracting

 Our Services
 Fire Safety and Rescue Operations Services specialized in Manpower
Outsourcing & Equipment Provision Services within KSA and GCC.

 Contracts Scope
 Manpower
 Equipment
 Consultation
 Fire Risk Assessment
 Training

 Develop, Implement and Monitor Projects
 Manpower Recruitment & Outsourcing – Key positions, TCN
 Equipment acquisition
 Site visitation for fire safety assessments
 Provide specialized training courses for competency based
development and operational instruction
 Al Maha Trading & Contracting Est. is one of the Gulf Business Group of
Companies specialized in the field of Fire Protection, Prevention,
Inspection, Hazard Mitigation, Emergency Medical Services and the
ability to provide professional training on Fire Safety and Security
Services since year 1983.

 Al-Maha is the first ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)
certified company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is also a member
of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
 We have particularly experienced and understanding of the fire risk and
hazardous conditions facing large industrial facilities, particularly oil &
gas sector, petrochemical industries which includes fire equipment
assessment, procurement and consultancy. We also provide technical
advisory services to ensure the safety of people working in oil field,
petrochemical plants, civil defense, hospitals, etc… through out the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

KFIA – 123 personnel, contract under solicitation

Domestic Airports – 500 personnel, contract extended

KKIA – contract under solicitation, waiting for award notification

Al Maha is in contract with General Aviation Civil Authority (GACA) formerly Presidency of Civil Aviation (PCA) providing Fire Rescue and Emergency Operation Services in all 25 Domestic
Airports in the Kingdom as well as International Airports since 1983 up to present.

Minor training contracts in place with various agencies in KSA

Al Maha has been proud to serve all industrial sectors and commercial ports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia providing Industrial Fire Rescue and Emergency Operation Services.
 Civil Aviation: Civil Defense

 Commercial Aviation: Domestic & International Airports

 Military Bases: Royal Saudi Air Forces & Military Bases

 Industrial sector: Aramco, SABIC, etc…

 Private Sector: Mega-size Residential and Privately Owned
Commercial/Light-Industrial Premises and Infrastructures

 Government Sector: Mega-size Governmental Facilities and
Infrastructures like KAUST, Economic Cities