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The Kounin Model

Jacob S. Kounin

By: Tracy Eilerman
EDE 702
Summer 2002
Jacob Kounin
• Focuses on preventive discipline --
techniques and strategies designed to
prevent the occurrence of discipline
problems in the first place.
• Good classroom management depends
on effective lesson management.
Kounin’s Principle Teachings
• Teachers need to be attentive to all
aspects of the classroom.
• Effective teachers keep students
attentive and actively involved.
• Teachers should be able to attend to
two activities at the same time.
• Activities should be enjoyable and
Kounin’s Key Ideas
The Ripple Effect
Effective Transitions
Group Focus
The Ripple Effect
• The "ripple effect"
occurs when the
teacher corrects a
misbehavior in
one student, and
this positively
influences the
behavior of other
nearby students.
• Awareness of
what is going on
in all parts of the
classroom at all
• Being able to
attend to two or
more issues at
the same time.
Effective Transitions
• Keeping lessons
moving with
avoiding abrupt
Group Focus
• The ability to
keep members of
the class or group
paying attention
to the task
• Being satisfied or
having enough
Teachers can reduce satiation

 Providing a feeling of progress
 Offering challenges throughout the
 Being enthusiastic
 Adding VARIETY to the lesson
For more about Jacob
Kounin’s theories, check out
his book:
Discipline and Group
Management in Classrooms