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AAA - "Anti-aircraft artillery or "Triple A" Explosive rounds fired from cannons as a defense against
aircraft. Some guns are radar-guided, others are simply sprayed into the air.
AWACS - "Airborne Warning and Control System." AWACS serves as an airborne controller and assists
fighters with the location and engagement of enemy aircraft.
BALLS TO THE WALLS - To go as fast as possible; max effort
BANDIT - An aircraft that is likely, though not definitely, an adversary that fails to meet the criteria that
would make it a Bogey or Hostile.
SHIP X - A phenomenon where members cannot help but tell everyone about how good it was at some
other ship at which they were assigned. "At ship X, we used to do it this way.
BFM - "Basic Fighter Maneuvers." The 1v1 aircraft combat most commonly known as "dog-fighting,"
intended to teach gunnery and short range missile skills.
BINGO - The pre-briefed fuel state at which an aircraft needs to begin its return to base in order to land
with the pre-planned fuel.
BITCHING BETTY - The automated female voice that provides audible in-cockpit warnings in some fighter
aircraft. Also a derogatory term for a person who complains or talks too much.
B-LOC - "Boredom-induced Loss of Consciousness." Pronounced "Bee-Lock," the term is a play on G-LOC.
BOGEY - An aircraft that is unidentified. The aircraft must be identified by some means, visual or
electronic, before action can be taken.
BVR - "Beyond Visual Range." The ability to engage an enemy aircraft prior to being able to see him.
CHECK SIX - A reminder to look behind you. In an aircraft, 12 o'clock is directly in front of you, 3 o'clock is
on your right, 9 is on your left, and 6 o'clock is directly behind you. Often used as the equivalent of "good
luck) or as a "watch your back".
CODE - An aircraft condition. If a jet is "Code 3," it requires maintenance before it is safe or useful for
another flight. A "Code 2" jet needs maintenance but can continue to fly. A "Code 1" jet is in perfect
working order.
DNIF - "Duties Not Including Flying." The medical status of a pilot who is too sick to fly but can still perform
other duties.
DOOFER BOOK - A running compilation of the missteps of the members of the squadron.
ECM - "Electronic Counter Measures." A means of attempting to confuse enemy radars. Some fighter
aircraft carry an ECM device internally, while others carry an external ECM pod.
FLIGHT LEAD - The first aircraft in a formation; the experienced pilot in the formation primarily responsible
for accomplishing the mission and leading his wingman.
FNG - "Fucking New Guy." The "nickname" given to pilots who have not yet received a callsign.
FOG - "Fucking Old Guy." Reference to those of ranks Major and above.
FOX - Code word (slang term) indicating a certain type of air-to-air missile has been fired; the type is
designated by number: FOX ONE - semi-active radar missile; FOX TWO - heat-seeking missile and FOX
THREE - active radar missile
G-LOC - "G-induced Loss of Consciousness," pronounced "gee lock." A black out caused by the loss of blood
flow to the brain experienced by fighter pilots when under high-G conditions.
HEAVY - A non-fighter aircraft.
HOLDING HANDS - Two fighters that are in a close formation. Often used to let Air Traffic Control know
that the formation has rejoined and can be treated as a single entity.
HOSTILE - A targeted aircraft that has been positively identified as enemy, and most often meaning
friendlies are authorized to engage with force.
IFF - Identification Friend or Foe." An electronic means of identifying aircraft.
PIGS IN SPACE - A fighter aircraft that is heavily loaded with fuel and weapons and have Its maneuverability
and agility seriously degraded.
PUNCH - To "punch out" is to eject.
RCH - "Red Cunt Hair." A vulgar, sexual reference to an infinitesimal unit of measure; to be within an RCH is
to be immeasurably close.
REDBALL - A request for maintenance. if a pilot has a radar problem, he will call "Redball, radar".
RTB - "Return to Base." Radio call indicating aircraft is beginning journey home.
SHACK - Term used when a fighter pilot drops a bomb and makes a direct hit on a ground target; a bullseye.
SHORT HAIRS - A (vulgar sexual) reference to being in something's final or closing stages. "To be in the..." is
to essentially be "at the last minute."
SHOE CLERK - A pejorative term to describe non-aviators.
SIERRA HOTEL - Phonetic pronunciation of "S.H.," which stands for "Shit Hot." An exclamation that
something is good, particularly in reference to a fighter pilot or flying skills.
SNAFU - "Situation Normal, All Fucking Up."
SPLASH - Statement commonly spoken after successfully downing an enemy.
TANGO UNIFORM - Phonetic pronunciation of "T.U." Literally, "tits up." Something that is "Tango
Uniform" is dead, inoperative, broken, or otherwise malfunctioning.
WINGMAN - The second or fourth pilot in a formation whose primary responsibility is to support his flight