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Under the Guidance

Dave W Farthing, Chris Gold
Faculty of Advanced Technology
 Mr P M Roules (Project Manager)
 Mr J Cash (Financial Director)
 Mrs I Countem (Accountant)
 Mr T Rustmee (Salesman)
 Dr Anne Orack (Information Systems Manager)
 Ms Lynne O’Code (Senior Programmer)
 Ms Melody Cellar (Subscriptions Manager)
 Mrs Wilma Songster – Hart (Music Production Manager)
 Satish babu gudapati
 Srikanth katragadda
 Sagar kotaru
 Suneeth tatineni
 Sarvani koneru
 Required Outputs
 Project Objectives
 Activities, Resources, Responsibilities and
 Documentation

 Periodic Update of Reports

 Rockify's,a well known and long-
established international business with
more than 12 million customers and 1.4
million catalogue items.
 Rockify's
use HAL i-mini computers on
which the present software runs.
 Requirementof a secondary EPOS middle-
ware from Gordon Handel Inc (GHI).
 Improve Rockify's customer relationship
 Improve the EPOS system by installing

a new software system

 Install the new online music website.
 To include necessary review of business
 Deliver change rather than replicate current

 Led by user requirements
 Support and facilitate Rockify's e-commerce

 Integrate secure database
 Capable to satisfy future requirements also.
 User friendly interface
Common problems in projects

 Lack of communication and structure

 Difficulty in involving the project members,

the customers, the procurer and other

 monitor the quality control
 special responsibility for each stage

of the project.
 Regular project meetings for detailed

study of user requirements.

 Assumptions
No compromise and no warranty on the
project plan.
 Constraints
o speed and structure of entire project team
o Availability of users to work with project team
o Time duration for completion of the project
 Project Initiation Document
 End user testing plan
 Contracts with implementation partners.
 scripts and report of outcomes
 Project closure report
 Promoting corporate culture
 Increase ‘brand image’ of University.
 Provide a robust and supported

 Satisfies current and future customer requirements
incorporate future statutory changes
 Failure to configure the system in time for
the deadline
 Potential for escalation of costs
 Security (e.g. data protection over web).
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