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This presentation has three parts, and will address;

- The importance for organisations to manage diversity in the
- Various initiatives taken by Deloitte and Touche to address
diversity and the benefits of the approach to the company.
- Diversity in the workplace before and after globalisation

Workplace diversity allows the company to integrate.

It is integral for international companies to manage a diverse workforce.

Certain laws demand the organisation to manage a diverse work force.

Diversity has allows companies to employ cheap labour and encourage competition.

The company needs to employ CEOs in different markets. (Learning at Work 2011)

Diversity helps to bring out new ideas and innovation. (Learning at Work 2011)

Diversity is a result of Globalisation. (CIPD 2012)
The diversity approach by Deloitte & Touche
4 out of 50 partners were women
Task force strategy.
Interviewed 40 high potential women who left firm in recent years
Identified 3 areas to address
1. A male-dominated environment, which perpetuated assumptions about women
2. Perceived obstacles to career advancement
3. The need for both men and women to manage multiple commitments

(Deloitte, 2003).
Task Force on the Retention and Advancement of Women
1. Establish a Leadership Program.
2. Promote the Idea of Men and Women as Colleagues.
3. Enhance Career Opportunities for Women
4. Support the Balance of Multiple Commitments
5. Build Goals into Our Business Planning and Human Resources Processes
6. Communicate Change
(Deloitte, 2003).
Gender Diversity in Deloitte & Touche

Launched the initiative for the Retention & Advancement of women in 1993.

Considered to have highest percentage of women partners and principals since 1997.

Ability to attract, develop , & retain high performing women which has dramatically
increased its revenue from $1.93 billion to $ 5.93 billion (Deloitte, 2003).

Outlook of Diversity in Deloitte
Diversity Before and After Globalisation
Managing diversity in the workplace before and after globalisation

Effects of globalization on diversity management have been dramatic.
Delloite & Touche has been taking rapid expansions across the globe requiring diversity
Post globalization Delloite & Touche adopted geo centric approach to staffing. (The
Economist 2014)
Promoting creativity and innovation at Delloite & Touche demanded inclusion of diversity
post globalization.


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