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Introduction of our sports club

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Short introduction of our sports club
Our sports club - called Rose Hill SC - was established in 2005 (in Hungary). Fortunately we
have been quite successful so far. We have focused on holding expedient trainings for our
underage players and by the achievements of some of our young talents (who had won national
championships) we became one of the most successful clubs of our country in the field of button
football. We train 50-60 children three times a week in different schools in the second district of
Budapest*. It is not our main goal to bring up players who can become "stars”, but we rather
prefer creating small and large communities within our club.

In today’s modernized world - which is dominated by technology - people often find skill-
improving programs secondary, so for example sports like button football are unfortunately
overshadowed by video games. Nevertheless we try to go against the trends and show the
children that if they join us we can offer them useful and pleasant activities.

Our club - for the first time since it had been founded - managed to qualify for the national first
division. During the history of our sport it was unprecedented that a team with such a low
average age could take part in the world’s strongest championship.

Thanks to our persistent work and excellent communal spirit we became successful really fast
and we would like to preserve our accomplishments in the future, too. We wait for more children
to join us. Everybody is welcome who either already likes to play button football, or simply wants
to try what it is like "to play football on a table”.

We kindly request our present and future members, our partners and sponsors to share their
thoughts, ideas and recommendations with us in order to make it possible for the board of the
club to lead Rose Hill SC in a way which can be satisfactory for all of the people (e.g. players,
trainers, sponsors, etc.) who work for the success of our club.


*Budapest is the capital city of Hungary.

Different age groups

Kindergarten group

Our main goal is to familiarize the members of this age group with the basics of button football. Furthermore we
aim to enhance their manual skills and other abilites in a playful manner. We offer them interesting and
enjoyable trainings in which they can take part. We find it very important to teach the children never to forget
about fair play and certain ethical rules.

Primary school group

Players belonging to this age group can learn the rules of the game and start playing "real” matches. Their
decision-making and problem-solving abilities are improved and they learn how to handle challenges, wins and
defeats - both mentally and physically - in an appropriate way. The players get involved in regional and national

Care for talents

In this group there are school children who have excellent achievements. Any hard-working, well-behaved and
talented player can get into this group. These players take part in high-level trainings and they also represent
our club in team championships plus national and international team competitions. Children entering this group
may become well-known players both abroad and in our country. (At the moment we have world championship
runners-up and also children playing for the Hungarian underage international team).
A few interesting facts about button football

Button football* (or "gombfoci" in Hungarian) is a football (soccer)

simulation game played on a table-top utilizing "buttons" as players.
Board dimensions, markings, and rules of play are modeled to simulate
standard football. This sport is popular throughout all of Hungary, Brazil,
and other countries as well.
The origins of button football are likely derived from any number of games
played with bottle caps or coins. Some say that the invention of the game
using 11 pieces per side with rules simulating football is unclear, but in
our opinion button football is definitely a Hungarian "invention". The first
information about this sport comes from 1910. At that time people started
to play it in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It became a contest sport
when its rules of play were issued in the form of a book (in 1964).

* The term "button football" is an imperfect translation, as there is no standard name for the game in English.
The introduction of button football
in pictures with the help of two of
our great players (Mark Laszlo and
Daniel Roller)
The official logo and jersey
of our club
Button Football World Championship,
Laszlo Papp Sportarena, Budapest,
Hungary (2004)
Csaba Berend (the president of our sports club) with three players
Interesting snapshots
Dear Enquirer,

On the following pages we would like to show you some interesting snapshots in which you can see
the exciting sides of our sport and you can also experience the atmosphere of button football events.
Our availabilities:


Pajzs utca 8.
H-1022 Budapest, Hungary

Telephone: 00-36-30-369-0294

Csaba Berend (president) – e-mail:

Krisztian Madar – e-mail: (member of the club’s board):

Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to get further information on our club and button football.