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The Baker Heater League

By: Andrew, Dylan, Taylor,
and Tommy

The Baker Heater League
Author: Patricia C. & Fredrick Mckissack
Info About the Author
Patricia LAnn Mckissack was born to civil servant
parents Robert and Erma Carwell on August 9,
1944, in Smyrna, Tennessee.
She was inspired by her mother to become a
writer because of all the stories her mother had
told her as a young child.
Later in her life when she went to return to her
School which was the University of Georgia she
met up with her childhood friend, Fredrick
Mckissack who later became her husband.
She wrote 20 non-fiction books before she wrote
her first picture book.
Setting of Story
The setting of the story The Baker
Heater League is a train station and
the porters in a train.
Point of View and Genre
The point of view is 3
because someone else is telling the
The Genre of the story is non-fictions
because the story gives facts about
porters in the 1900s.
Plot, Conflict, and Resolution
1. Introduction to the story.
2. Telling stories in back of train car telling stories
about railroad legends like Casey Jones.
3. One of the legends the porters made up was
Daddy Joe. He could do everything he wanted
without any help.
4. All the porters knew that nobody could do
everything like Daddy Joe.

Important Vocabulary
Quarters (not money)

Charters and their Traits
Porters: Servants on the trains to
help the passengers.
Passengers: Were the people on the
train being helped by the porters.
The theme of the of the story is
about the porters in the 1900s that
told stories about old railroad
Questions Asked to Audience
1. Did you like the story, why or why
2. Would you recommend this story to
another person?
3. Have you ever seen or meet a
porter before?

The 11:59
Patricia C. Mckissack
More Info About the Author
Most of her stories were for children
and young adults to read.
Her mothers favorite poet was Paul
Lawrence Dunbar.
She wrote mostly non-fiction books
that focused on issues such as
Setting in the Story
The shoe shine at the dinner
The apartments at the train station
for the porters

Point of View and Genre
The view of this story is 3
because someone else is telling
about one of the characters Lester.
This story is fiction because it is not
a true story and these event never
Plot, Conflict, and Resolution
1. Telling stories about the 11:59
2. Walking home and hears the 11:59
train whistle.
3. He goes home and unplugs
everything and boards up all of his
4. He dies of a heart attack.

Important Vocabulary to Know
Bid whist
Talk fest

Characters and their Traits
Lester: has sense of humor, hates to
think of dying, porter.
Porters: has to serve passenger on
the train, hung out with one another
a lot.

Theme of the Story
You cant hide from death no matter
what you do.
Questions to ask the Audience
1. What would you do if you heard the
11:59 whistle.
2. Do you think this is real or a
figment of Lesters imagination.
3. Would you do the same actions that
Lester did.

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