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Competence Standard (SK):

4. To understand the simple event probability
( Memahami peluang kejadian sederhana)

Basic Competence (Kd) :
4.1 To Determine the sample space of a certain
experiment (Menentukan ruang sampel pada
sebuah percobaan)

Objectives , After learning this
chapter, students are expected :

To know the meaning of statistical experiments,
sample space, sample points, event
of an experiment.
Find a sample space of an experiment by encoding the
sample points
Find and calculate the possible outcome of an event,
Calculate the expected frequency of an event

Tujuan Pembelajaran :
Setelah mempelajari bab ini,
peserta didik diharapkan ,
Mampu mengenal arti percobaan statitiska, ruang
sampel dan titik sampel percobaan dan kejadian
Mampu menentukan ruang sampel suatu percobaan
dengan cara mendata titik-titik sampelnya
Menentukan dan menghitung nilai suatu peluang
Menghitung frekuensi harapan suatu kejadian
Have you ever heard the word
PROBABILITY in your daily life ?
- Suppose in sport news, an announcer said that the
chance of PERSIB soccer team was ever greater to win
in the Liga Utama Champions
- What do you think about the weather today ? It will
rain today or not ? How many probability will happen
- Find others example .

Pernahkah kalian mendengar kata
PELUANG dalam kehidupan se hari-
hari kalian ?

Berikan beberapa contoh sederhana yang berkaitan
dengan peluang (kemungkinan)
statistical experiments, Event
Is the chance or probability of the appearance of one
of the surface can be determine by mathematical
calculation the experiments

Event (Kejadian) is the expected outcome in an
Tossing one Coin and a Die

Worksheet (Lembar Kerja 1)
Fill in the blank of the following statements by your
own words, discuss with your friend on your group
1. a) The Sample Space of an experiment is.
b) Give an example in your daily life
2. a) The Sample Point of an experiment is.
b) Give an example in your daily life
3. a) The Event of an experiment is..
b) Give an example in your daily life..

1. a. Sample Space is the set of all events which
appear (occur)
b.Example: experiment in tossing two coins so the
sample space is{ (A,A) , (A,G) , (G,A) , (G,G) }
2. a. Sample point is every members of the sample
space in an experiment
b. Example: in tossing two coins, so the sample
points is (A,A) , (A,G) , (G,A) , (G, G)
3. a. Event is subset of sample space
b. Example: (A,A)
Worksheet (Lembar Kerja 2)
Do the following experiments (lakukan percobaan
berikut) :
1. Tossing Two Coins (Pengetosan dua keping mata
uang), and then complete the table with the point
sample maybe happen

A (..,..) (..,..)

G (..,..)


2. Tossing a Coin and a Die, and
Fill in the bellow table with point
sample maybe happen
1 2 3 4 5 6
A (,..) (..,..) (..,..)




G (..,..) (..,..)

(..,..) (..,..)


1 2 3 4 5 6
A A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6
G G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6
Lets arrange the conclusion
Based on the last experiments, so we have several
conclusions :
When we have 2 sample points in tossing a coin, then in
tossing 2 coins we have:
.. x= sample points
The number of sample points of sample space is n
n = the numbers of its face

When we have 2 sample points in tossing a coin and 6
sample points in tossing a die, so we have :
.. x= sample points

Thats all for today

Remember :
Inch by inch Math is Cinch
But Yard by yard thats so very Hard
(Prof.Dr. Viji, Dosen matematika SEAMEO RECSAM
Malasyia ).
The Secret of Success in Life is for a man to be ready for
his opportunity when it comes
(Earl Beaconsfield)

:"Being a teacher is the most important job on the planet,
and mathematics opens doors to all kinds of options for
students." (Cathy Seeley NTCM Past-President )