Expertise Towards
Responsible Citizens
Skype Session at
International Convention On Students’ Quality Control
Circles, London

Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra
VP-Academics, Next Education, India

Our Initiative as Teachers

Empowering Responsible Citizens towards TQE
(Total Quality Education)
Achieve life balance,
Seek continuous learning.
Today, because of rapid economic and
social change, schools have to
prepare students for jobs that have not
yet been created, technologies that have
not yet been invented and problems that we
don't yet know all arise."
Hi, I am a teacher !!!

Embrace Technology
Students Will Leave
You Behind

Learning 221
Learning in the Second Decade of the 21


If you
the kids
You end
them !!!
Be a ROCKSTAR Teacher !
 So, WHO ? is a Rockstar
 A Rockstar teacher uses 21st century ICT tools to
create self-directed learners acting as agents of
change, who will transform the world in
several different spheres of activities. Their students
are achievers, creators, thinkers and innovators,
driven by passion and commitment, to make a
Do not ignore learning…..
 Sharing learning to Explore…..
 Video using a Role Model
Step #1
 Create an
Emotionally Safe
Step #2
 Create an
Intellectually Safe
 Begin every activity with a task that 95 percent of the class
can do without your help.
Step #3
Your Engagement Meter
 Be acutely aware of when your students are paying strong
attention or are deeply engaged in their tasks.
Step #4
 Create Appropriate Intermediate Steps
 create intermediate steps -- such as
 Rote learning an evil in education
system, national survey reveals
Step #5
 Communicate with Students
 Encourage and focus their writing with a prompt.
Step #6
 Create a Culture of
Instead of
a Culture of the Right Answer
Step #7
 Teach Self-Awareness About Knowledge
Step #8
 Use Questioning Strategies That Make All
Think &Answer
Step #9
 Promote QUALITY at workplace
 Engage towards pride and
polishing with motivation.
Step #10
Praise in public…..criticize
in private…
Generate the WOW experience !
To Catch the eye balls of the audience !
Role of Educators in
New Age to nurture
our students:
 Update themselves.
 Study Harder
 Learn new
methodologies to make
our classes interesting to
Exploring via Social Community:
The beautiful thing about learning is…….
 That no body can take that away from you !

 You must not change but rather become the more of
yourself !!!

 Empowering Responsible Citizens via GOOD WORDS
Stop doing
BUSY work
Start doing your
BEST work !!

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Dheeraj Mehrotra

Dr Dheeraj Mehrotra

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