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Motor claim in Malaysia

How Does A Motor Policy Protect You?

A motor insurance policy / takaful certificate
(collectively referred to as motor policy)
provides financial protection to you in the
event your vehicle is involved in a road
accident or is stolen
However, there are limits to the
extent of financial protection provided, so it is
important that you understand the scope of
protection under each type of motor policy
Limitations to the policy
Types of policies
Comprehensive policy
Third Party, Fire and Theft policy
Third Party policy
Financial protection against
Third Party Bodily Injury or Death claim
Third Party Property Damage claim
Fire claim or Theft claim
No Fault Own Damage claim or Own Damage
Additional covers
Legal liability to passenger
Legal liability of passenger
Compensation for Assessed Repair Time
Personal Accident (separate policy)

What to do in an accident
Be calm and do not panic.
If there are no injuries, move your vehicle to a safe area away
from traffic, where possible.
Note the names and addresses of the other driver(s) involved.
Note the model and vehicle registration number of the
vehicle(s) involved.
Note names and addresses of witnesses, if any.
Sketch a simple diagram of the accident scene and the
position of each vehicle right before and after the accident
(Photos of the accident scene, if available, can be very
Exchange information on the names of your respective insurance
companies / takaful operators.
Do not discuss on whose fault it was. This may complicate the handling of
your claims.
If your vehicle needs to be towed, ensure that the vehicle will be sent to
the correct workshop.
Report the accident to the police within 24 hours.
Inform your insurance company / takaful operator even if you do not
intend to make a claim. The third party involved in the accident may make
a claim against your insurance company / takaful operator which would
cause you to lose your no-claims-discount (NCD).

Legal pursuit
In making a motor claim involving third party bodily injury and death or
third party property damage, you may pursue your claim directly with the
other vehicles insurer or appoint a lawyer to act on your behalf at any

Should you choose to pursue your claim directly with the other vehicles insurer,
you should ensure that the compensation that you are to receive from the insurer
is adequate. Please exercise care and where necessary seek expert advice in
reaching any settlement for compensation with the other vehicles insurer as such
settlement is likely to be final.

If you are of the view that the compensation being offered to you is inadequate,
you may further negotiate with the other vehicles insurer or may wish to consult a
If making own damage claim
Insurer may seek additional charges for :
Betterment-cars > 5 years
Endorsement :RM400 if driver under 21
Holder of Provisional or Probation
Not named in policy
If you are making a No-Fault Own Damage

You will not lose your NCD entitlement. However, you will be subject to
the same charges under an Own Damage claim (Betterment, Excess and
Endorsement 2(f))
You may then write to the other partys insurer seeking reimbursement for
all of the above charges except betterment.
However, if the accident is found to be caused by you, your No-Fault Own
Damage claim will be converted into an Own Damage claim
If you are making a theft claim
To ensure that the investigation is thorough and
to allow possible recovery by police authorities, your insurer may require a
reasonable process time of the following time frame.
6 months from the date of notification of theft; and/or
when official police investigations have been completed, whichever is
After notifying your insurer of the theft of your vehicle, if you are informed
that your vehicle is recovered :
Do NOT take possession of your vehicle from any authority/party unless
authorised by the police; or
Immediately notify your insurer/agent so that your insurer may make
proper arrangements to recover your vehicle and conduct an independent
survey of your vehicle.

If you are making a theft claim
Under a normal Comprehensive motor policy, insurers will
pay you compensation equal to the present market value of
your vehicle at the point of theft or the sum insured/ sum
covered of the vehicle (whichever is less).
If you wish to be compensated on sum insured/ sum covered
basis, please ask your insurer about the possibility of
converting your Comprehensive policy to an Agreed Value
Comprehensive policy.
If you are making a Third Party Bodily Injury
claim or a Dependency claim:
If you and/or passengers in your vehicle are injured in an accident,
you and/or passengers in your vehicle may claim compensation for
injuries sustained from the insurer of the other vehicle.
Compensation will only be paid by the insurer of the other vehicles
driver in the event the insured/ covered driver is found to have
caused the accident.
If you and/or passengers in your vehicle were to succumb to injuries in
a road accident, your and/or your passengers dependents (spouse,
children and parents) may make a dependency claim against the
insurer of the other vehicle.
If you are making a third party property damage claim

If your property (including vehicle) is damaged in a road
accident caused by the other party, you may claim for
compensation from the other partys insurer
Cost of repair to your property to return it to its previous
Cost of replacing your property with another that is alike in
terms of age, value and / or condition
Cost of loss of use of your vehicle i.e charges for rental car (up
to a specified limit)