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Spelling: Each week, we start with a Spelling Pretest on the first day of the week. W will prepare for our first unit by doing Interactive Reader pages 1-2. We will launch right into our first story, Just Once, pages 4-10. Finally, students will begin the pre-writing for their first essay, “My hopes and fears about Middle School”. Next, we will assign homework. Homework •In Spelling, they will have 2 Spelling Puzzles (part of the “Weekly Spelling Packet” due each Friday. •In Reading, they will finish or reread the story, Just Once.

The order of class periods rotates each day, so I list the order on the assignment sheet.

We will read together pages 11-14, which students should have read for Monday’s homework, and we will guide students through the correct format for answering questions #1-6(Answers are always to be written in complete sentences.) Students continue to write and proofread the essay they started on Monday and self-proofread it. Homework: Do Spelling worksheet

•Students will finish writing p. 15 Questions (in complete sentences for #2-6). •They will go online and take the QuizLab test for the story, “Just Once”. They have 2 chances. •If they don’t get at least a score of 70%, we will have them do a tutorial online on Thursday in class and then attempt the test one more time. •Students will then continue to revise their essay and turn it in to the inbox when finished. It must be in by the end of class on Thursday. •We will also do pages 4-6 in our Holt Handbook (smaller blue Language Arts book.

Homework •Write each Spelling word in a sentence. Up to 2 list words can be used in any one sentence. Each sentence should be 8+ words in length. •Holt Handbook page 6 Review A, #1-10. If a sentence is not complete, rewrite it by adding words for what is missing

•Each week, students will do some sort of written response to each story we read. This week, we will have them write a 1 paragraph summary of the book. They should follow the story map they wrote for question #1 on p. 15. The summary should be on the same paper as the questions or attached to it. We will also do the Vocabulary Review, p. 16. •All essays are due on Thursday. Homework •Finish any uncompleted assignments for the week •Study for the retest of Spelling test #1, if they did not score 100% on Monday.

•Post test of Spelling test #1, if they did not score 100% on Monday. •Grammar test on sentences and sentence fragments. •All Spelling packets are due. •All of the week’s assignments must be turned in. •Students can retake the Just Once QuizLab tests if they need to.

How to take a Quiz on
Login at www.quizlab.com Go to the link that says students and parents login and Enter the Class Word and password I gave each student on Monday or Tuesday. Typically the password is their 3 initials. (Example: George W. Bush would be: Class Word: currya1 Password: gwb )

Class word currya1

Password: gwb

How to take a Quiz on
After logging on, Go to the link that says Current Assignments Click on the link for the test you wish to take

Click on link of test

Take the test and when finished, click on SUBMIT

Poor George… he scored only 3 out of 20 correctly

You will find out your score and it will even tell you which questions you made a mistake on. The score is automatically sent to the teacher If finished, be sure to LOG OUT