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Causes of Endangered  Species     The main causes of endangered species are: 1-habitat destruction 2-introduction of Exotic Species 3-overexploitation 4-other factors .

. Habitat Destruction • The strongest forces in rapid habitat loss are human beings. Nearly every region of the earth has been affected by human activity. particularly during this past century. The loss of microbes in soils that formerly supported tropical forests. and changes in global climate brought about by the release of greenhouse gases are all results of human activity. the extinction of fish and various aquatic species in polluted habitats.

Introduction of exotic species -The introduction of new species in certain habitats by man can affect the bio-diversity of that region causing the gradual disappearance of other original species .

. Overexploitation • The fact that there was too much hunting of the whale turned it into an enderenged • Species some animals are also overkilled because of magical medicine traditions.

. Its habitats combine grass. like the grasses. low woody plants and forest. These elephants eat a wide of variety of species of vegetation. Elaphas Maximus The elefhas maximus is na endangered specie. This specie live in parts of Asia. Elaphants rarely forage in one area for more than a few days in a row.

Why are this animals an endangered specie? One of the reasons is its gestation period. they are capacity to reproduce. This period is between 18 to 22 months. . and this is other reason. When the elephants are 14 years old. because is very later.

because the diet of Giant Pandas is 99 percent bamboo. forest clearing and other development now restrict giant pandas to the mountains. in Schuan. Giant Panda Bear The Giant Panda Bear is na endangered specie too. It lives when there is bamboo. but farming. Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. . Giant Panda live in a few mountain rages in Central China. It once lived in lowland areas.

But other problem is when this areas are disturbed by humans. its gives seeds and die all at once. . forcing the pandas to move to another area. Why is Giant Panda in danger? Because It eats bamboo and the problem is that when the plants reach maturity.

It live in the Australian Island state of Tasmania. sometimes it eats with other devils. It is usually soliyaire. The Tasmanian Devil The Tasmanian Devil is a carnivorous marsupial. .

The Tasmanian Government did a program to reduce the impact of disease. . Why is this specie an endangered specie? Since the late 1900s devil facial tumour disease has reduced the devil population.

. Tiger are found in a variety of habitats. A tiger marks its territory with a strong mix of urine and other bodily fluids. Tiger The Tiger is a feline specie. It’s a native to the mainland of Asia. The Tiger prefers more dense vegetation for its camouflage. It is a single predator and a strong swimmer. both tropical and evergreen forests. for example.

. The tiger is na endangered specie Several subspecies are extinct and others critically endangered. Now the majority of the world’s tigers living in captivity.

Blue Whale The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world. . with 33 metres in length and 181 metris tonnes or more in weight. This animal is na endangered specie because the humans fishing it. It is a marine mammal.