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we look at the latest trends . techniques. Health & Beauty TV is like an owner’s manual for your body. and procedures to keep you looking and feeling your best. Michelle Gomez Host L.A.multimodomedia. . For both inside and outside. www.

multimodomedia. Robert Vincent Host There’s a difference between a house and a home. www. designers. They’ve spent years perfecting their craft and want to share their expertise with you. . artists and decorators who are the best in their fields. Your dream home is waiting for you. Each week we feature the finest craftsmen in Los Angeles including contractors.

or otherwise exceptional.A. . gourmet shops and related businesses that offer something new. Bree Long Host Restaurants.multimodomedia. www. caterers. unusual. unique. is the local program which features the best in dining right in your own neighborhood. Eat L.

* Food Network * * HGTV * * E! Entertainment Network * * Lifetime * www.multimodomedia. produces news magazine style shows featuring local business with unique qualities: Each half hour show consists of: 3 Five Minute Segments 16 :30 second commercials 1 Sponsorship Up to 3 Product Placements The shows are advertised in their relevant local markets on such channels as the…. . MultiModoMedia Inc.

These shows are further promoted through various off-air media including print. . internet and posters. Businesses featured on the shows also receive a certificate/plaque for their own use attesting that the business was featured on television. www. plus the added credibility of a hosted news- magazine show. Businesses invited to participate in the shows gain exposure in their local markets to a degree that has never before been possible.multimodomedia. billboards. This advertising mechanism has all of the advantages of an infomercial.

CA 91306 •Northridge. CA 91340 •Encino. CA 91403 •Encino. CA 91325 •Winnetka. CA 91311 •San Fernando. CA 91307 •Northridge. CA 91304 •Reseda. CA 91303 •Porter Ranch. CA 91406 •Northridge. CA 91364 • Woodland Hills. West San Fernando Valley Zone •Canoga Park. CA 91324 • West Hills. CA 91343 •Van Nuys. CA 91344 •Tarzana. CA 91316 •Sylmar. CA 91342 •Granada Hills. CA 91335 •Chatsworth. CA 91330 •Woodland Hills. CA 91367 www. CA 91356 •North Hills.multimodomedia. CA 91436 •Sherman Oaks. . CA 91326 •Canoga Park.


.Introductory Packages www.multimodomedia.

* Production NOT Included (B.000 Week) $5. Element (A) (B) Gold* ( C) Silver * (D) A La Platinum (4 Weeks) (2 Weeks) Carte* (6 (4 Wk “5 Min.500 $1.000 Package) Segment” (1 per Includes Production (1 per (1 per Week) (ea) :30 Sec Week) 18 week) 12 6 $50 Spots (3 per (3 per (3 per Week) (ea) “Sponsorshi week) 12 week) 8 4 $250 p” (2 per (2 per (2 per Week) (ea) “Live week) 6 Week) 4 2 $200 (ea) Mentions” (1 per (1 per (1 per Week) Total Value Week) $8.000 $3.C.multimodomedia.000 Varies www.D) .000 $1.500 $2.250 Varies (TBD) Cost per $1.125 Varies (TBD) Week You Save $2.000 $875 $1. 6 Weeks) 4 2 $1.250 Varies (TBD) Your Cost $6.000 $3.

Contact Us 818.multimodomedia. .804.5729 626.0204 www.482.