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Fundamentals in Real

Estate Series Part - 2

Pranav Pandya
Franchise Development Manager
RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Needs and wants of consumers are changing
The brand
Marketing a service
Building relationships
Marketing rules
Personal promotion
Elements for your marketing plan
Tips for online marketing success
Social media marketing
Writing property ads
Needs and Wants of
Customers are Changing
RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Internet and Technologies

Importance of Referrals

Have a brand

The Brand
RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Identifies what service you represent
Differentiates from competition
Establishes your credibility
It pre-sells you

Think of yourself as an ambassador of the RE/MAX brand.

Marketing a service

RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
When developing your marketing plan:
Services are intangible
Consumers evaluate you based on what they can see.
Dress for success
The Anchoring Principal
Familiarity breeds business
Brand name

RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Services are inconsistent
To be consistent you must have systems
Services are inseparable
Goods are produced, then sold, then consumed.
Services are sold, then produced and consumed at the same
Capacity management
Services are perishable

Building Relationships

RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Superior expertise is not critical to success in services
Enthusiasm beats out ability
Service doesnt sell houses price does!
Promote Your Success
Remember, out of sight is out of mind.
Marketing Rules

RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Basic Rules
1. You cannot market effectively without marketing research
2. Consider how marketing interacts with other parts of your
3. The antithesis factor
4. Combine the interaction of three basic concepts
5. Steal ideas from other businesses
6. Be able to answer the question Why should I choose you?

RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
7. There are no magic answers leading to bigger production
8. You should also think about things you can offer to your
customer as part of your marketing and something you can
become known for.
9. Any good marketing piece is better if it is specialized
10.Market yourself to RE/MAX Sales Associates
11.Develop a lead generating website

RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
12. Your image is everything - Dont settle for second best
13. For every Rs.1.00 spent on promotion you must get back
14. To increase the amount of marketing you can do, co-op your
15.Get a second opinion - Ask your Broker or Manager.
16.Cause Marketing

Personal Promotion

RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Be business person rather than being a real estate salesperson
Repeat and referral business
Some effective forms
Print advertising
RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Promotional items
Online campaign (blog, website, social media, and forums)
Magnetic car signs

Visit RE/MAX Mainstreet for hundreds of personal promotion


RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Narrow your target

If you specialize, be sure to tell consumers in your marketing

Elements for your
marketing plan
RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Publish a blog post twice per week.
Update website twice per month.
Knock on 50 doors per week.
Distribute 25 business cards per week.
Send e-mail to the sphere of influence every month.
Hold a holiday appreciation party every first week of December.
Select a specific customer segment and focus on the segment.
Be either the big fish in a little pond or create a niche and own the pond.

RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Work only with exclusive listing agreements.
Have the business card that stands out the most.
Yard signs with your photo.
Identify yourself with 5 Star Service.
Identify yourself as Each Sale is an Artwork.
Community involvement.
Public relations campaign.
Sponsorship of sports events or a team.
RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Testimonials from past clients.
Become known for your certifications and courses.
Be the Associate that provides better market statistics.
Have the best listing presentation.
Frequent Open Houses in all of your listings.

RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
Present seminars for buyers and/or sellers.
Write a real estate column in your newsletters.. . ..
Publish innovative classified ads.
Print ads in newspapers and magazines.
Postcard campaign to sphere of influence.
Send out monthly newsletter to your neighborhood.
Promotional items (specialty items).

RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra