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Constitution of India

By Prof R.Madhwaraj
Brief history
Britishers ruled India for nearly 200 yrs
They ruled according to the British
Parliamentary Act
A constituent Assembly was constituted in
Dec 1946 to draft a constitution for
undivided India
Provisional President was Dr
Sachidananda Sinha
Indian Independence Act was passed in July 1947and
the constituent Assembly met on 14-08-1947.

Dr Rajendra Prasad became the president of the
Assembly and the Republic of India
A constituent Drafting committee was formed with BR
Ambedkar as Chairman and this report was adopted by
the Constituent assembly on 26-11-1949

The constitution of India came into effect from 26 Jan

Salient Features

Pre amble
Articles Initially395 divided into 22 parts
presently nearly 442Articles
Schedules 12 (2000)
Amendments about 108
We , the people of India , having solemnly
resolved to constitute India into a
REPUBLIC and secure to all its citizens ,

JUSTICE , social ,economic, and political

LIBERTY ,of thought, expression, belief ,
faith and worship
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity:
and to promote among them all.
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the
individual and the unity and integrity of the
In our consituent assembly the 26
January 1949 do hereby adopt ,enact and
to give to ourselves this constitution