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Finding a Job in Archaeology

How, Where and Why.

• Playing to your strengths? Know what you want.
• Remember the real world? Have you been in it?
• Where will the jobs be? Where are the gaps?
• Do you really want to be an archaeologist?

BAJR Federation
BAJR Federation


A Good CV
1. Education – once you have your degree, you don’t need to cite every
other exam result.
2. Archaeological Experience – Keep it up to date and relevant – listing
employer, dates, site/project and periods.
3. Non Archaeological Work – If it is relevant – and ONLY THEN.
4. Publications – Have you written reports? Or contributed to a site
publication? Any papers presented?
5. Other Information – For example, First Aid, Driving Licence etc.
6. Referees – A good reference is worth its weight in applications.
7. Tailor your CV – Think about the job you are applying for and make
your relevant experience stand out.
BAJR Federation


1. Personalise – A cover letter should say more than “Hey I saw your job
ad, here's my CV.. Cheers mate”
2. Keep it short – It should quickly summarise your experience, why you
are perfect for the job, but not be more than 1 page.
3. Think of this as your first interview – Some employers may only look at
your cover letter – so think about what you say and check your
4. Sending by post – Use a quality paper, fold it neatly and sign it clearly.
5. Sending by email – remember to attach the CV! And watch your email
address - may count against you!
WHERE? (part one)

Depends on what you are looking for.

1. Education/Research – -
2. Archaeological – BAJR –
3. Museum Work – Museum Jobs –
4. Heritage, Museum and Education – Uni of Leicester Jobs Desk - (USA)

Vacaturebank Archeologie
BAJR Federation

Archaeology Forum
(Germany, France, UK)

Underwater Archaeology & Maritime History


eCulturalResources (USA)
WHERE? (part two)

Being active!
1. Contact Companies and Universities
Nobody is looking for you – so go out and make yourself known
2. Volunteer
This is controversial, but can be considered, in the right circumstance.
3. Keep you hand in
Not only will you enjoy yourself – but you will become better known.
4. Don’t stop there
Keep learning, and keep skills up to date.

BAJR Federation
BAJR Federation

Options ?

What jobs are there?

1. Contractors and Consultants
2. Local Government (Planning, SMR/HER, Education)
3. National Organisations (National Trusts, Heritage Agencies, Forestry,
Natural England)
4. University Departments
5. Specialist Companies (Osteological, Forensic, Geophysical etc)
6. Museums
7. Independent
Where to find all these? ( ) Directory of Organisations
BAJR Federation

More ?

Be aware of
1. Your Rights
Knowing your rights in this industry is a hot topic, as the size is such
that you will soon become known – however, help is there.
2. Being disabled – so what?
This is controversial, but may prejudice your employment
opportunities, with even colour blindness, RSI and less visible
disabilities being areas of concern. ( see: )
3. Joining the Union?
Is it for you – does it help – are there other options.
4. Self Employed Route
A talk in itself – be aware of your obligations. And make sure you have
a contract!
Archaeology for the right reasons?
1. Get rich?
Nice idea, but it is not going to happen.
2. Travelling?
More options to see the world (check Past
Horizons )
3. Interest?
It is certainly not dull….

BAJR Federation
Get your CV ready - consider a Skill Passport / CPD log
Know your skills and join appropriate groups/societies
Keep in touch and communicate with colleagues
Look for opportunities - don’t wait for them to look for you
Enjoy your Work but keep a plan B up your sleeve

BAJR Federation
'If you enjoy what you do, you will never work another
day in your life' - Confucius

BAJR Federation

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