Employer branding for TTK Healthcare

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Employer branding
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What When Why Where How


Relevant groups
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Management Potential employees Existing employees


Developing a platform & proposition
Stimulating World-class Projects Innovative Market Leader

Regular Management Briefings

Inspiring Leadership

Employer Employee Brand Proposition Platform
On-going Training & Development Talented Supportive Colleagues

Merit-based Pay

Fantastic Location 4

Positioning for greater mindshare.  Ability to attract diverse talent pool.  Developing sense of belonging & pride.  Increase positive feeling amongst employees.  Reinforce fun place to work culture.


TTK Healthcare ltd.
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A R Doraisami Iyengar. Tiruvellore Thattai Krishnamachari. Totally integrated manufacturing and marketing Group. TTK Healthcare Ltd., a part of the TTK Group was incorporated in 1958 and went public in 1985.



Vision: “The Company envisions being a leading player in the in
the chosen categories of consumer and healthcare products in the country and occupying a place of pride in the minds of the Indian Consumers as a manufacturer / supplier of quality products.”

Mission: The basic mission of the Company is “Quality Consumer
/ Healthcare Products at affordable prices” and in the process delivering long-term value to all stakeholders in the Company.

Values: “Fairness in business and organizational dealings, trust,
transparency, accountability and pursuing a policy of appropriate disclosures and communication form the core value system of the Company.”


Company’s info.
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TTK Healthcare has three Strategic Business Units Pharmaceuticals Division Consumer Products Division Biomedical Devices Division Apart from these SBU’s, their Satellite Divisions are: Food Maps

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Information gathering. Analysis, articulation & reporting. Influencing change and communication delivery.


Data collection
Job Satisfaction

Refer a frnd to TTK

7% 41% Yes No Can't say 52%

20% 40% Yes No Can't say 40%

Communication Effectiveness

23% Dissatisfied Satisfied 4% 73% Can't say


Data contd..
Opportunities for personal growth-52% Opportunities for advancement-52% Use of personal skills & abilities-66% Work environment-45% Recognition for contributions-45% Remuneration-36%

Company’s market position-74% Company’s growth-66% Care about employees-61% Value for Diversity-31% On the job training-60%

Company clearly conveys mission statement-54% Feel like being the part of the company-22% Good communication from employee to managers-27% Good communication from managers to employee-26% Strong support from supervisors-40% Strong team work approach-37% Effective communication to potential employee-46%

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Level of job satisfaction is a matter of concern. Only a few %age were interested in maintaining long term relationship with the company. Company enjoys a good market position and current as well as potential employees felt the same. TTK as a place to work/refer a friend to TTK Healthcare. Communication effectiveness.


More stress on:

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Work environment, recognition for contributions, & remuneration. Long term relationship. Internal as well as external communication. Relationship with employees. Maintaining diversity.


Limitations of study:
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Lack of awareness. Time constraint. Concerned employees.


Overall learning
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Brand equity. Effect of HR policies. Experience of research/interacting with people. Importance of SCM. Bureaucracy can work.


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