FEMINISM in Contemporary Art

Judy Chicago:The Dinner Party, 1974-79

Linda Nochlin: 'Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?‘, 1971


Monica Sjöö [Swedish 1938-2005]

Sylvia Sleigh [British-born American Contemporary Realist Painter, born in 1935]

THE 1970s

Mary Kelly (Irish, b.1956) with Margaret Harrison (British, b.1940)

Hackney Flashers Collective, a socialist feminist documentary group working on issues of wages, class and childcare in the inner city.

Peter Dunn and Lorraine Leeson (British)

Jo Spence (b.1934, London - 1992)

Susan Hiller [American Installation Artist, born in 1940]

Judy Chicago: Red Flag, 1971

Ana Elena Pena [Spanish b. 1976] "My First Menstruation," 1999, photograph of the artist

Hannah Wilke [American Photographer, 1940-1993]

Lynda Benglis [American Sculptor, born in 1941] Photograph for exhibition announcement, 1974/5

Valie Export Austrian b. 1940

Eleanor Antin (American,1935) 100 Boots At The Bank,1971-3

Annette Messager [French Installation Artist, born in 1943]

Joyce Weiland [b. Toronto, 1931]

Marie Yates [b.1940, Lancashire] , ‘Drift’ series, 2004

Dame Elisabeth Frink [British Sculptor, 1930-1993]

Georgia O'Keeffe [American Painter, 1887-1986]

Judy Chicago [American Installation Artist, born in 1939]

Alexis Hunter, b. 1948, New Zealand „The Marxist’s Wife (still does the housework)”, 1978, Detail

Mary Kelly, Irish, b. 1956 „Post-Partum Document, Documentation IV: transitional objects, diary and diagram“, 1976 Judy Chicago (American, b. 1939). The Dinner Party, 1974–79. Mixed media: ceramic, porcelain, textile

‘Post-feminism’ 1980s and 1990s
In the mid-1980’s, John Roberts identified three feminist approaches to painting and sexual difference.




female centred

Victor Burgin [British, born in 1941] Alone in the Ruined Streets He was Startled by the Sudden Appearance of the Figure of a Woman Moving with Gradiva's Unmistakable Gait

Issues of Masculinity

Sunil Gupta [British, b. New Delhi, 1953]

Barbara Kruger

Cindy Sherman [American Photographer, born in 1954]

[Am. Concep tualist, b.1945] We Won't Play Nature to your Culture 1983

Rebecca Horn [German Installation Artist, born in 1944]

Jenny Holzer [American Conceptual Artist, born in 1950]

Annie Sprinkle

Karen Finley American, b. 1956 A Woman's Life Isn't Worth Much, 1990

Kiki Smith [German-American, b.1954 Photograph From Side Street Projects‘, 1997

Sue Williams [American, 1954]

Meret Oppenheim [German-born Swiss Surrealist, 1913-1985] My nursemaid, 1936

Louise Bourgeois [French-born American Abstract Expressionist Sculptor, born in 1911] Janus Fleuri, 1968

Maud Sulter British, b.1960 Terpsichore, 1989 Dye destruction print 122 x 153cm

Lubaina Himid [British, b.1954] Between the Two my Heart is Balanced 1991

Sutapa Biswas, Housewives with Steak-Knives, 1985

Sonia Boyce: She Ain't Holding Them Up, She's Holding On

Chila Kumari Burman: 28 positions in 34 years. 2003, inkjet

Adrian Piper [American Conceptualist, b.1948] Safe (1990; mixed-media installation: 4 enlarged magazine photographs with silkscreened texts mounted in four corners of room plus endless loop audio soundtrack) Carrie Mae Weems [African-American Photographer, born in 1953]

Lorna Simpson [African-American, born in 1960]

Nancy Spero [American Painter, born in 1926] The Bomb 1968

Neo-expressionism: Georg Baselitz

Guerrilla Girls, established 1985 in N. Y.

THE TRENT L'OTTSCAR A billboard at Highland and Melrose in Hollywood, March 1-31, 2003

Guerrilla Girls At the Venice Biennale 2005