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EEE Bhaskar Kumar R K Agrawal

Deepa kumari Rajesh Kr Singh
[Station C&I and Common Facilities]
Prashant James, Sunny Kumar, Ramesh Kr Singh

DDC: ABB make PROCONTROL P (Software system)
PROCONTROL K (Hardware system for redundancy)

EAST: Siemens make solid state ISKEMATIC control system

FSSS: Siemens make Solid state CEMODIC control system

These control systems were developed in 70s and were supplied, erected and
commissioned by BHEL in our both the units

We are using Field instruments like Pressure, Temperature, Level transmitters,
switches, indicators of reputed make such as Emerson, Feibig, Siemens etc.

Procurement of spares through reputed and BHEL Approved Venders.

Maintenance of proper documentation of drawings, manuals and recording of any
changes made in logics/schemes.

Apart from PM, RM & BM, walk-down checkups of field instruments is done.

The entire system is looked after and maintained round the clock by deploying adequate
man power in each shift.

Renovation and modernization.
up gradation of HPBP & APRDS by maxDNA in 2005.
Replacement of old versa DOS based Data Acquisition System by WSPOSE in 2005.
installation of stock make p based feeder control system in 2010.
New H
purity analyzer (ABB make: Caldos 30)
replacement of diagnostic station of Unit # 1

Installation of mill noise level, DP measurement , smart positioners in pneumatics
actuactors, chartless recorders etc.

In due course of time since commissioning of the units, many electronic modules
failed and were repaired by BHEL.

But during the past 8-10 yrs BHEL has withdrawn their support regarding supply
and repairing of electronic modules. In fact BHEL has declared the existing
system obsolete.

Presently we are running with shortage of modules resulting in
loss of redundancy
outage of some parameters
outage of some of the auto loops
spurious tripping.
High lead time for Spares procurement.

In spite of all these we are still maintaining auto operation of all the important
auto loops and equipments in our both the units.

Presently the new DCS (metso DNA CR) for unit # 1 supplied by BHEL will be
installed during coming capital O/H of the unit.

The Turbovisory system also will be replaced by latest instruments.

p based feeder control system along with VFD supplied by Stock Redler, USA will
be installed during coming capital O/H of the unit#1.

The control system of unit # 2 will also be replaced by mesto DNA system after
successful commissioning in unit # 1.

Replacement of obsolete displacer type level transmitter by Guided wave radar
type level transmitter.

New H
purity analyzer for unit # 1.
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