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The Riddle of Einstein's


Tasneem Rawashdeh

A weird story about the journey of
Einstein’s brain

Albert Einstein was one of the greatest journeys of mind
in history of the world, which ended in 1955

Tasneem Rawashdeh

A weird story about the journey of
Einstein’s brain

After hours of Eintsein’s death, his mind disappeared.
A mysterious case about the man who was accused of stealing
Einstein's brain..

Did he have a unique brain?
Two scientists decided to solve the mystery of Einstein’s genius.
Did his brain solve the mystery?

Does the intelligence lie in
the adipose tissues which
weigh 1.25 kilograms or
is there a mental mystery
that can never be identified
and gained?
Tasneem Rawashdeh

The brain was conducted in by pathologist Thomas
Stoltz Harvey.
Harvey removed, weighed and dissected
Einstein's brain into several pieces; some of the pieces he kept to
himself while others were given to leading pathologists.
The pathologist Thomas Stoltz
Einstein's autopsy

Tasneem Rawashdeh
He hoped that
cytoarchitectonics would
reveal useful information.
Harvey photographed the
from many angles.
He then dissected it into
240 blocks and encased the
segments in a plastic-like
material called collodion.
Thomas Harvey
Thomas said : “Some thought I desecrated the
body of Einstein”

Did he want to save one of the
Greatest minds?
Did he commit one the most
heinous crimes?
Tasneem Rawashdeh
Einstein and the Violin
In his childhood Einstein was fond of music.
“I often think of music, I live my daydreaming through music, and if I
were not a physicist I would probably be a musician ”

But his life changed when he was
given a book about engineering.
Tasneem Rawashdeh
What made Einstein a genius ?
The neurophysiologist Dr Mark Lythgoe

Dr Mark Lythgoe
Dr Jim Al-Khalili
and the physicist Dr Jim

and the potential for genius by studying the preserved
between the physical tried to discover whether there is a correlation
appearance of the brain
brain of Albert Einstein.
Tasneem Rawashdeh

The perspectives of the two doctors about the
reason behind Einstein’s genius
Dr Mark: It is known that many
parts of the brain are like
muscles therefore, we can
increase their abilities, so if our
brains work like muscles
Do all of us have the potential to
become Einstein ?
What created Einstein’s thoughts is
the brain and for sure there are
some parts left.

Dr Jim: The brain is like a skeleton
it has natural limits.
Einstein’s genius is in his thoughts
and imaginations therefore, we
can’t find thoughts stored in
Tasneem Rawashdeh

The study of professor Marian C.
Tasneem Rawashdeh

The study of professor Marian C.
The science of brain focuses only on the
neurons and ignores the other cells in the

Glial cells, which act as electric factors, they
isolate and repair neurons in place,
increase the speed of pulses and repair
brain’s complex circuits.

Professor Marian discovered through her
experiences that rats that are left isolated,
their glial cells don’t grow significantly as
much as the rats that exercise and play
with other rats.

The glial cells are very important for the
mental development.
Tasneem Rawashdeh

The study and analysis of Einstein’s brain by Professor
Marian C.
In the 1980s, University of California, Berkeley.
Harvey gave her samples of Einstein's brain.

She used a microscope to count the glial cells.
Einstein's brain had more glial cells relative to
neurons in all areas studied,
but only in the left inferior parietal area was the
difference statistically significant.
This area is part of the association cortex,
regions of the brain responsible for incorporating
and synthesizing information from multiple
other brain regions.
Glial cells provide support and nutrition in the
brain, form myelin, and participate in signal
Tasneem Rawashdeh

Mr. Michio
Einstein was asked
about the reason of
his genius. He said
he used to ask
himself some childish
Ex. If the current time is
12:00 o'clock on
earth, would it be the
same on Venus or
He spent years trying to
find answers for his
questions ..

Tasneem Rawashdeh

"I simply imagine it so,
then go about to prove
it." -- Albert Einstein

“Imagination is more
important than
For knowledge is limited to
all we now know and
while imagination
embraces the entire
world, and all there ever
will be to know and
understand.” -- Albert
Who needs socks when
you might have more
glial cells
Tasneem Rawashdeh

some professional psychiatrists say
that Einstein was a high
functioning autistic because
Albert Einstein didn't speak until
he was four, and not fluently in
his own language until he was
eight or nine.

An autistic brain has a cerebrum
larger than normal, and a
cerebellum smaller than normal.
An autopsy of Einstein's brain
showed that Einstein's cerebrum
was indeed larger than normal
(like an autistic brain).
Unfortunately however, they did
not reveal the size of his
cerebellum. .

Tasneem Rawashdeh

While Einstein’s brain weighed 1,230 grams,
which is within normal human range,
the brain had no parietal operculum in either
hemisphere and had an enlarged Sylvan fissure.

Certain parts of his brain also had more glial cells in
relation to neurons.

Tasneem Rawashdeh

Finally, in 1998, Harvey returned Einstein's brain
to the pathologist at Princeton Hospital.
Tasneem Rawashdeh

Einstein’s genius riddle has been
practically solved. But from my
personal point of view, although
we know now what was the
reason behind the high level of
concentration. We can’t bear it
again, the genius that has come
up with all the ideas and theories
simply died. And Einstein will stay
one great journey of mind that
changed many of our conceptions
of life.
Tasneem Rawashdeh